WEC 52: LC Davis Knows His Back Is To The Wall

November 7, 2010

LC DavisA sense of urgency probably best sums up the theme to the upcoming Nov. 11 WEC 52 featherweight bout between L.C. Davis and Raphael Assuncao.

Both fighters are coming off losses, and with the merger of the WEC and UFC, roster spots could very well be on the line.

This fact is not lost on Davis, who recently told MMAWeekly.com, “You’re only as good as your last fight. Nothing’s guaranteed with Zuffa – you could lose two in a row and could be gone – so I’m looking to go out there and perform to the best of my ability.”

Davis also feels he’s not the only one that feels the same way heading into the fight.

“I’m thinking I’m going to see the best Raphael there is,” he stated. “His back’s against the wall, my back’s against the wall, and that’ll make for two hungry fighters going out there and giving it all they’ve got.

“I’m expecting a hard a fight – I’m expecting a war – and I’m reading for whatever he brings.”

While Assuncao comes from a Brazilian jiu-jitsu background, he’s shown he’s more than willing to brawl if it comes down to that. According to Davis, he plans to use that aggression against Assuncao.

“I’m more of a technical striker, while he throws more looping shots and hooks, so mainly I’ve got to beat him with my technical skills and straight punching,” said Davis.

“I feel I have a little reach on him, and with the straighter punches I’ll be more accurate. I don’t want to get caught up in exchanges; I want to get in and out. If I don’t force the pace and work into his game plan, it should be a good night.”

Should Davis come out of Thursday’s fight on the winning end, it’s full steam ahead to the next level.

“I’m hoping to win this fight and go 3-1 this year and make a name for myself in the UFC next year and make a run for the title,” commented Davis. “I feel like I’ve fought some of the toughest guys in the division so far, and I think I’m definitely on my way towards (title contention).”

On the cusp of becoming a major player in the featherweight division, Davis knows he has to win and make people see that he belongs in the new era for the weight class in the UFC.

“I’d like to thank God first and foremost, Clinch Gear, TCB, Denaro Sports Marketing, my friends and family, and everyone who helped me prepare for this fight,” he closed out. “I look to make all you guys proud on Nov. 11.

“I’m looking forward to eventually fighting under the UFC banner, but first things first, I have to take care of business Thursday night and all that will take care of itself.”