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Brian Bowles makes the first defense of his WEC bantamweight championship against No. 1 contender Dominick Cruz in the evening’s main event, with former champion Miguel Torres looking to get back on track against fellow contender Joseph Benavidez.

Preliminary action is scheduled to get underway at approximately 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET with the main card – telecast live on Versus – at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET.

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R1 – Cruz opens with a kick, countered by a punch from Bowles. Bowles chasing him down with punches, but Cruz moves away and avoids damage. Cruz starts to pursue Bowles, but the champ fires back with some big shots of his own. Both fire away and land good punches. Cruz tags Bowles and appears to hurt him, but the champion recovers quickly. Bowles rushes in trying to land a combination and ends up on his back, getting guard with Cruz on top. Cruz backs out and Bowles stands back up. Both fighters throw a few more shots before the round ends.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 for Dominick Cruz

R2 – Cruz and Bowles seem content to stand and trade, Cruz hits a few good shots early, but Bowles fires back strong. Cruz throws a wicked combo that puts Bowles on his heels, and he closes with a leg kick that drops the champ for a moment. Bowles walks forward again, and gets caught with a similar combo from Cruz. Bowles shoots in and Cruz defends, as they separate, Cruz throws a knee that hits Bowles low. The fight is paused to let Bowles compose himself. Bowles rushes in and catches Cruz this time, but the challenger seems unphased and moves back out. Cruz moves in and slips under for a takedown to close the round.
MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 for Dominick Cruz

The fight is stopped between rounds due to an injury to Brian Bowles

-Dominick Cruz def. Brian Bowles by TKO (injury to Brian Bowles) at 5:00, R2

R1 – Benavidez gets inside and tags Torres with a nice punch. Both fighters throw heavy punches, as Benavidez keeps his guard up high. Another flurry, and Torres throws his first jab of the fight, taking advantage of his reach. Benavidez pops Torres with a good shot, and he falls to his back, but quickly up to his feet. Benavidez gets the clinch against the cage, Torres reverses, but Benavidez gets a nice throw to put Torres on his back. Benavidez controls Torres’ head, remaining on top as Torres works to get guard. As Torres gets guard, Benavidez opens up a few more punches.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 for Joseph Benavidez

R2 – Benavidez moves in and throws a nice combination to open the round. Torres starts to toss out his jab more, Benavidez stays elusive. Benavidez ducks under Torres’ punch and lands a nice takedown as he starts to work in his guard, opening up a nasty cut. Torres rolls, and Benavidez grabs a guillotine. Torres is forced to tap out, giving Benavidez the win.
-Joseph Benavidez def. Miguel Torres by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:57, R2


R1 – Pulver opens up with some good punches, Vazquez shoots in for the takedown, and Pulver grabs a guillotine. Vazquez rolls out of trouble, and Pulver stands back up. Pulver throws a kick and Vazquez catches him, taking him down, but as he tries to transition and take his back, Pulver rolls and gets up in his guard. Pulver stands up again and kicks Vazquez in the legs, but gets caught and taken down again. Vazquez catches Pulver in a crucifix position and starts throwing punches and elbows. Pulver slips out but Vazquez takes his back, they roll, Vazquez gets the mount. Quickly, Vazquez rolls and takes the armbar, forcing Pulver to tap out.
-Javier Vazquez def. Jens Pulver by submission (armbar) at 3:41, R1


R1 – The fighters trade a few shots, and Davis gets a clinch, pushing Taurosevicius against the cage. Back and forth they go jockeying for position with neither fighter gaining the upper hand. The referee separates them and it’s back to standing. Back in the clinch they go, Taurosevicius tries for a single leg, but Davis moves out and presses him back against the cage. Not much action in the first round.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 for LC Davis

R2 – A few exchanges on the feet and Taurosevicius shoots in for a takedown, but Davis stops him and they clinch against the cage. Taurosevicius is relentless and eventually gets the trip and takedown. Davis does a good job of working his way up the cage and back to his feet quickly. It appears Davis gets tagged with a low blow, but the referee doesn’t step in and Davis is in obvious pain. Davis composes himself and reverses position, pushing Taurosevicius against the cage again. The referee separates them again, only for the fighters to end up back in the clinch. Davis slips a takedown, but Taurosevicius grabs the cage to stop it, and the referee issues a warning as the round ends.
MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 for Deividas Taurosevicius

R3 – Back in the clinch for the third round as the fighters again jockey for position. Taurosevicius is trying hard for the takedown, just as Davis continues to block his attempts. The referee separates the fighters and a few strikes are exchanged before Davis shoots in this time and lands the takedown. As Taurosevicius works for a omo plata and Davis moves to block him the referee stops the action and stands them up. The fighters close the fight back in the clinch again.
MMAWeekly scores R3 10-9 for LC Davis
– LC Davis def. Deividas Taurosevicius by majority decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28)


R1 – After a lose start, the fighters start trading some heavy shots and Darabedyan takes the fight to the ground. Palaszewski works for an armbar from his back, but can’t quite catch him. Darabedyan postures up and throws down some heavy shots inside of Bart’s guard. Darabedyan opens up with a quick attack, landing some good punches as Palaszewski is left just to defend. Palaszewski closes guard again and kicks up for another armbar attempt, and this time Darabedyan can’t get out. He rolls over, but Bart moves with him and locks the hold even tighter and Darabedyan taps out.
-Bart Palaszewski def. Karen Darabedyan by submission (armbar) at 4:40, R1


R1 – George shoots in on Jorgensen, but he sprawls and grabs a guillotine, presses him against the cage, literally lifts him off the ground with the choke and George taps out.
-Scott Jorgensen def. Chad George by submission (guillotine choke) at :31 seconds, R1


R1 – Mendes gets the clinch and Koch counters with some nice knees to the body. The fighters separate and again Mendes shoots in quick for a takedown, but Koch defends and they clinch against the cage. Mendes backs out and works his way back in again and gets the takedown while Koch tries to work against the cage to get up to his feet. Koch gets up and they are standing and trading again. Koch connects with a couple of quick shots, but he over extends and again Mendes takes him down. Koch uses the rubber guard to subdue Mendes briefly, but he postures and breaks the hold.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 for Chad Mendes

R2 – Koch rushes in again for punches, only to give up the takedown to Mendes. Mendes goes for a few punches on the ground, not much action. Mendes gets to Koch’s half guard, and tries to trap his arm, but Koch moves well to avoid any trouble. Mendes starts to throw some harder shots inside the guard, landing a couple of nice elbows.
MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 for Chad Mendes

R3 – Koch starts strong in the final round, trying to land punches and kicks, but Mendes stays composed and takes him down again. Mendes has a cut opened up that’s bleeding all over Koch as they work on the ground. The fight is paused to allow doctors to check the cut, but Mendes is okay and the fight continues. Koch is aiming for the side of the cut as blood trickles into Mendes’ face. Koch throws a high knee from the clinch and Mendes catches it, turns him over and slams him to the mat. Koch rolls out and Mendes pushes away and puts a finger into Koch’s eye by accident. The fight goes on again. Koch throws a kick that’s caught and Mendes takes him to the canvas. The fight ends with Mendes working inside of Koch’s guard.
MMAWeekly scores R3 10-9 for Chad Mendes
-Chad Mendes def. Erik Koch by unanimous decision ( 30-27 on all cards)


R1 – Castillo gets a couple shots early, as Pettis tries to counter he’s taken down to the mat. A few punches on the ground, and Pettis slips out and they are up again. Castillo and Pettis clinch against the cage, and Castillo throws a knee that tags Pettis low and the fight is paused. The fighters trade and Pettis connects with a left high kick that puts Castillo down hard. Pettis follows up with a few more punches and the referee rushes in for the stoppage.
Anthony Pettis def. Danny Castillo by KO at 2:17, R1


R1 – The fighters trade strikes early, and Roop slips under and takes Garcia down. Roop leaves his head up and Garcia goes for a guillotine choke. Roop works his way and out and goes for some ground and pound. Garcia is able to work his way up the cage and the fighters are standing again. Roop goes for another takedown, but can’t finish, Garcia opens up with a few big punches as the round ends.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 for George Roop

R2 – Garcia opens up with some hard kicks, and rushes across with a big punch, but misses. Both Roop and Garcia connect with some hard punches, but then Roop drives through a nice double leg takedown putting Garcia on the mat again. Much like the first round, Garcia again goes for a guillotine, but Roop gets out. Roop moves to half guard and Garcia starts to roll, and Roop throws a knee that grazes Garcia’s head, but the referee pauses the fight to warn Roop about the illegal strike. Back on the feet, Garcia is throwing hard shots, but not connecting flush.
MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 for George Roop

R3 – Garcia again going for huge shots, but not connecting, and Roop seizes the moment and again takes him down. This time Garcia is up quick and they start to exchange again. Garcia hits Roop and he turns away and Garcia follows up to try and connect with another shot, but Roop defends well. Roop throws a kick that hits Garcia in the groin and action is paused. The referee takes a point away after warning him earlier. Garcia is okay and the fight continues. Garcia starts to open up again, goes for a flying knee, and gets taken down instead. Roop tries to take Garcia’s back but they are back up again. Garcia lands a few nice shots as the fight ends.
MMAWeekly scores R3 10-8 for Leonard Garcia
– Leonard Garcia and George Roop fight to a draw (29-27) (29-27) (28-28)


R1 – Buck throws a nice leg kick early, but Paixao is able to work the fight to the ground, and immediately take Buck’s back. Paixao works for a rear naked choke as Buck defends. Paixao roles for the mount, but Buck rolls as well, and they end up back in the same position except this time Paixao has an arm under Buck’s chin. A few seconds later, Buck is choked unconscious and referee Mark Matheny pulls Paixao off.
-Fredson Paixao def. Courtney Buck by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:39, R1


R1 – The fighters trade high kicks early, neither landing flush. Lamas fires across with a vicious kick to the body that staggers Casimir, who is able to recover enough to get the clinch. Lamas grabs for a single leg takedown, but Casimir fights out. The fighters separate and after a brief exchange, Lamas fires in with a jumping knee just as Casimir drops for a takedown, and Casimir’s mouthpiece goes flying and he’s knocked unconscious.
-Ricardo Lamas def. Bendy Casimir by KO (knee) at 3:43, R1


Main Bouts (On Versus):
-Brian Bowles vs. Dominick Cruz
-Joseph Benavidez def. Miguel Torres by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:57, R2
-Javier Vazquez def. Jens Pulver by submission (armbar) at 3:41, R1
– LC Davis def. Deividas Taurosevicius by majority decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28)
-Bart Palaszewski def. Karen Darabedyan by submission (armbar) at 4:40, R1

Preliminary Bouts (Non-Televised):
–Scott Jorgensen def. Chad George by submission (guillotine choke) at :31 seconds, R1
-Chad Mendes def. Erik Koch by unanimous decision ( 30-27 on all cards)
-Anthony Pettis def. Danny Castillo by KO at 2:17, R1
– Leonard Garcia and George Roop fight to a draw (29-27) (29-27) (28-28)
-Fredson Paixao def. Courtney Buck by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:39, R1
-Ricardo Lamas def. Bendy Casimir by KO (knee) at 3:43, R1