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World Extreme Cagefighting featherweight champion Mike Brown attempts the third defense of his title on Wednesday night at the Palms in Las Vegas. Brazilian standout Jose Aldo, ranked number three in the world, challenges.

The main card of WEC 44 airs live on the Versus network at 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT. The first preliminary bout is scheduled to begin at approximately 6:00 p.m. ET / 3:00 p.m. PT.

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Jose Aldo vs. Mike Brown

R1- Steve Mazzagatti calls the action. Aldo looks very, very relaxed as the bout starts. Brown paws in with jabs. Aldo with an uppercut, but Brown returns with right hand. Brown gets taken off a right hand with a leg kick. He closes distance, but Aldo pushes him away before Brown can work a takedown game. Aldo lands a leg kick coming in and almost a lunging knee. Aldo leads with uppercut again but takes a right hand. Aldo with heavy leg kick, but eats a counter left. They trade kicks. Brown with a front kick. Aldo with a leg kick. Brown catches a kick to the head and he closes distance for a takedown. Aldo sprawls against the cage. Brown catches a leg but can’t finish it. Brown drags Aldo down with underhooks, but can’t seal the deal. Aldo is again against the cage, with Brown working knees to the legs. Good knee to the body from Brown. Aldo with a stiff jab. Aldo with a winging body kick. Brown with a left hook. Brown with a leg kick. Again, Brown’s punch is taken out by an Aldo leg kick. Aldo with another leg kick. Aldo misses with a right hand to end the first.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Aldo.

R2- Brown chases in with a strikes, but Aldo returns with a spinning back kick. Brown shoots in and again can’t take Aldo down. Aldo ducks under Brown’s strikes and Brown ends up on his back. Aldo mounts Brown and Brown gives him his back. Aldo pounds away from Brown’s back until Mazzagatti stops the bout. The official time is 1:20.

Manvel Gamburyan vs. Leonard Garcia

R1- Referee Herb Dean calls the action. They touch gloves and instantly gamburyan is closing distance, stalking in. Garcia scores with a leg kick. The two are tremendously cautious. Manny catches a right hand shooting in and Garcia escapes. Gamburyan with a leg kick. Garcia misses with one-two. Manny with another leg kick. Garcia tries to get under with uppercut. Garcia wings a hook that’s blocked. On the next one, Gamburyan ducks under and misses on takedown, landing two shots south of the border, according to Garcia. Gamburyan lands glancing hook as the two trade and swarms in for a takedown. Garcia’s game though, and pops up before he hits his back. Gamburyan grabs a single, but can’t finish it. He lands a knee in transition, but they’re still clinched. They trade knees. Dean separates them. Garcia goes for a jumping knee as Gamburyan wings a shot. The shot stumbles Gamburyan and Garcia considers a modified guillotine as round ends.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Garcia.

R2- Garcia slips on a kick and gets a leg kick for his trouble. Gamburyan falls on his face after a bolo but Garcia doesn’t press. Garcia misses with two big hooks. He attempts another short right hand as Gamburyan presses in for a takedown, and again separates his legs and sprawls out. As Garcia scrambles to right himself, Gamburyan catches him with a few right hands. Still, the bout remains up, where both men are winging big shots and not having much luck. Garcia with glancing kick to the body. Garcia lands a punch as Gamburyan scrambles and smiles as Gamburyan double-legs him. Gamburyan goes to half guard and works for a guillotine against the cage. He thinks beter of it and postures up with a few right hands. Garcia scrambles up and Gamburyan has him in front head lock. Garcia escapes briefly but gets dumped again as the round ends.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Gamburyan.

R3- They hug to start the final round. Garcia gets a winging hook blocked, and Gamburyan catches him with a counter right. Gamburyan lands a right hand as Garcia attempts to catch him with a knee. Gamburyan shoots but fails to get ahold of Garcia, but still lands a punch coming off. Gamburyan lands two big hooks. Frustrated, Garcia drops his hands and begs Manny to punch him. Manny does, but it’s a glancing blow and Leonard doesn’t flinch. Gamburyan tires of the short pissing contest and takes the fight down, landing in Garcia’s guard. Gamburyan can’t do too much before Garcia pitches forward and gets to his feet, prompting another shot. He’s almost away before Gamburyan gets ahold of his waist and attempts to slam him down. Garcia goes, but pops right up and hints at a kimura against the cage. Manny, relentless with his takedown attempt, finally gets the action down. He works short right hands and Garcia wall walks his way to freedom as the final bell sounds.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Gamburyan.

All three judges give the fight to Gamburyan with two 29-28 scores and one at 30-27.

Karen Darabedyan vs. Rob McCullough

R1- Kim Winslow calls the action. The orthodox srikers pause initially, but explode with a punch combination that rocks them both. Darabedyan with an inside leg kick. McCullogh returns. Again, they collide with strikes, but McCullough catches the poorer of it. He’s not hurt, though, and continues to look for combos. Darabedyan lands a hard left hand. Then, Darabedyan chases in with another combination, one shot of which connects solidly. The former champ returns with another leg kick. McCullough blocks Darabedyan’s punch next time, and returns with a leg kick. McCullough leads with a leg kick, but can’t land follow up punches—his nose is now bleeding. He awakens with a couple of hard leg kicks, but he’s losing the striking exchanges getting caught with jabs and counters as the two close distance. Darabedyan returns a leg kick with a stiff jab. Darabedyan with several combinations punctuated by left hands that find their target.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Darabedyan.

R2- Darabedyan opens with a jab. And again. Suddenly, Daradbedyan shoots in and takes McCullough down with ease. He immediately gets to work with ground and pound, landing several punches, and two left elbows that rock McCullough. The former champ kicks Darabedyan off and returns to his feet, but a clear lead has developed for Darabedyan. The two collide with punches. By now, Darabedyan has a cut under his right eye, and the bridge of McCullough’s nose is bleeding. McCullough with a glancing right hand. McCullough lands a couple of nice kicks to the body, then a left hand and kick to the leg. Darabedyan comes out ahead in a punching exchange, but McCullough finishes with a leg kick. Darabedyan’s hand speed, however, is the deciding edge in this fight.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Darabedyan.

R3- Darabedyan lands a few jabs, but McCullough returns with several leg kicks. Darabedyan punches into a takedown, but McCullough stuffs it. Pace has slowed. The two trade jabs. Darabedyan with an inside leg kick. McCullough repays. Darabedyan with a stiff jab. McCullough eats a punch for his leg kick. Darabedyan with a solid left hand. McCullough with a kick to the body. They trade jabs. Darabedyan comes out ahead in an exchange of hooks. McCullough eats a punch for a kick. McCullough with kick to the body. McCullough with a left hook—he is finding his range and rhythm more in this round. Darabedyan with a left hook. McCullough fires off a leg kick and eats a hook to end the bout.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for McCullough.

Two judges give the fight to the WEC newcomer with 30-27 and 29-28, while one dissents with a 30-27 score for the former champion.

Danny Castillo vs. Shane Roller

R1- After an initial feeling out period, Castillo lands a body shot but fails to corner Roller. Roller lands a leg kick to repay. Both men swinging hard hoping to land right hand. Roller follows big right with a takedown attempt. Castillo stuffs it, but eats a knee against the cage. Roller nearly misses with a knee as the two break off. Castillo lands a punch before charging in for a takedown. Roller pops up the second after he hits the mat, and they’re back on their feet searching. Roller hits air with two big shots. Castillo with a glancing left. Castillo with a jab. Roller with a couple jabs, but gets taken down. He reverses in a flash and almost cinches a guillotine. Roller nearly catches a shooting Castillo with a flying knee, but Castillo gets the action down. Castillo trying to work ground and pound but getting little other than short rights. Roller working hand control, but Castillo pops up with more rights.

MMAWeekly scores the fight 10-9 for Castillo.

R2- Castillo really loading up with his punches but not getting much. Castillo closes and stuffs Roller against the cage, landing a few hard body shots before breaking off. Again Castillo charges in with punches, and Roller pushes back with his own charge. That’s an easy invitation for a Castillo takedown, but Castillo can’t do much with it before Roller is up again. Roller charges again and almost gets taken down. Castillo’s head is low as he advances and Roller is now working a counter knee as the Uriah Faber teammate closes. Roller lands the shot and then gets a takedown against the cage, quickly passing to mount. Roller cinches a guillotine, but Castillo powers out of it. In doing so, he gives up his back, and Roller flattens him out and pounds away. Castillo gets up and attempts to dump Roller, but Roller is not giving up. As Castillo continues to try to escape, Roller pounds away. Castillo stands and Roller makes a tactical error by going for a leglock. The move puts him on bottom, and as he gets up, he eats a few punches for his effort. The sequence appears to have tired Roller out.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Roller.

R3- Castillo lands nice right hand to the body, then a right hand in counter to Roller. Castillo sprawls on a Roller takedown and gets top position. Castillo nearly throws an illegal knee in a scramble for position. Roller ends up on bottom and angles for a triangle as Castillo stands and attempts to work his punches. Roller scrambles to right himself but Castillo holds and passes to mount. Roller bucks and manages to escape. Castillo disengages and Roller, exhausted, dives for a takedown. He can’t get it, and the two swing for the fences, where Roller manages to wheel around to Castillo’s back. He takes Castillo’s back and locks in a fight-ending rear naked choke with short time left. The official time is 3:32.

Will Kerr vs. Kamal Shalorus

R1- Steve Mazzagatti calls the action. Shalorus leads with a leg kick, stalks in and lands a winging left hook that drops Kerr. Kerr responds by going for a leglock, but Shalorus scrambles out of it. Kerr looks like he’s still wobbly as the two get back to their feet. Shalorus wings more hooks that take what little Kerr had left out of him. A right hook drops Kerr again, prompting Mazzagatti to stop the bout at 1:26.

LC Davis vs. Diego Nunes

R1- Kim Winslow calls the action once again. Southpaw Davis closes distance after Nunes attempts high kick. The two collide with strikes, but its Nunes pressing Davis against the cage. Davis attempts to knee Nunes’ head, but ends up fighting off a takedown attempt. Nunes hoists him up, but Davis gets heavy and shrugs it off. Nunes with a nice inside leg kick. Davis punches into a takedown attempt. Nunes uses a wizard to keep from being flattened out and scrambles up before Davis can do anything against the cage. Nunes drives for a takedown of his own, but Daivs disengages. Nunes attempts spinning backfist and Davis grabs a takedown, trying to pass guard. Davis postures up and lands a right hand, causing Nunes to pop up. Davis with a few knees to the head, but Nunes scrambles out of danger. In the subsequent tie-up, Davis drags Nunes down landing with Nunes landing awkwardly on the side of his head. Davis scrambles up and drives for another takedown, but ends up fighting off a guillotine choke until the bell sounds.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for LC Davis

R2- Davis lands nice one-two and eats an inside leg kick. Nunes goes headhunting and misses. Nunes with spinning back kick, and the two lock up. Davis punches into another takedown and lands in guard. Davis passes to half guard, but Nunes scrambles to his feet before Davis can score big points. The two are locked up, with Nunes throwing a few knees and angling for a takedown before the two break off. Davis lands a straight left and chases Nunes across the cage with more punches that land. Nunes, hands down, shrugs them off and drives for a takedown to no avail. Nunes is losing steam. Davis goes for a punch high kick combo but spills to the mat. Nunes lets him get up, but dives for a takedown and scrambles to get on top against the cage. He can’t, and Nunes is once again contending with Davis’ clinch and takedown defense. He cranks for a single leg and leaves his neck wide-open exposed. Nunes fights it as Davis grimaces, trying to cinch it. Davis rolls him over and loses the hold. Nunes, however, looks well-spent as the round comes to an end.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Davis.

R3- Davis returns Nunes leg kick with a one-two and they’re locked up again. Nunes gets a trip takedown, but can’t keep Davis down and Davis turns the tables. This time, it’s Nunes who gets to his hands and knees with Davis working for a guillotine. Nunes escapes and the two resume their clinch fest. Nunes with a nice knee to the body. Davis misses a trip takedown. They trade knees from the clinch. After several warnings, Winslow stops the action and deducts a point for a fence grab from Nunes. Davis lands a straight left upon restart and gets a takedown. Nunes is up quick though, and the two are swinging for the fences before clinching again. Davis drives for a takedown and can’t get it, but tries again for a guillotine. Nunes rights himself and Davis lands a nice knee and elbow combination. Nunes with a nice couple of knees from the clinch. Davis powers the action to the ground, but again, doesn’t do much damage before Nunes is up. Nunes is not giving up, but it’s clear that exhaustion has taken its hold. Davis drives for a takedown to close out the fight.

MMAWeekly scores the fight 10-8 for Davis.

All three judges score the fight 30-26 for LC Davis.

John Franchi vs. Cub Swanson

R1- Technical difficulties….we apologize.

R2- Franchi charges in with a leg kick and eats a left hand. Franchi charges in with a another jab and a leg kick. The two lock up and Swanson works knees in the clinch, ending with a high kick as he breaks off. Franchi again with his punch kick combo, but Swanson charges back with a leaping high kick. The two tie up and Franchi tries to take the action down with a bodylock. Swanson resists, but eventually cedes to a double leg. He’s on a knee soon, though, and works for a switch before Franchi uses his hips to stay on top, locking up in the front headlock before disengaging. The two smile at each other. Swanson with a stinging jab and a leg kick. Franchi nearly lands a spinning back kick. Swanson checks a kick and goes headhunting again. Swanson drops under Franchi’s punches and takes the action down. Franchi rights himself after a short scramble. Swanson throws another jumping high kick and a straight punch before shooting unsuccessfully for a takedown.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Swanson.

R3- Franchi with a hard high kick that gets blocked. The two trade punches but nothing lands cleanly. Swanson drives for a takedown and works knees before hip tossing Franchi to the mat, landing briefly in mount. Franchi re-establishes guard, but Swanson goes to work with punches and elbows in Franchi’s guard. Swanson postures up and releases an elbow. Franchi with an upkick. Swanson gets to his feet again and tries to lands elbows. He backs up too far and Franchi pops up again. The two trade shots before Franchi gets the action to the mat, landing on half guard against the cage. Swanson immediately stands and locks in a guillotine choke that forces Franchi to tap with 11 seconds to go.

Antonio Banuelos vs. Kenji Osawa

R1- Referee Steve Mazzagatti calls the action. Osawa inches in and gets a flurry of punches from Banuelos, none of which land cleanly. Osawa clinches forward again and catches a big overhand right. Osawa still trying to inch forward and land a front kick, and every time, he gets a flurry. Banuelos lands another huge over hand right that grops Osawa on his next advance, but can’t follow it up to seal the deal. Osawa with a nice jab. Osawa will not back off: he continually inches towards Banuelos looking for a front kick punch combo. Banuelos catches him clean with a left hook, but he keeps coming. Banuelos gets a kick south of the border as he counters a leg kick with a punch. After restart, Osawa catches a hook as a advances, but returns with a clean front kick. Banuelos breaks up the action with a leg kick. Banuelos slips and lands a right hand. Banuelos charges back and lands a solid right hand. He counters an Osawa kick with a spinning back kick of his own, which prompts the Japanese fighter to gesture, “is that all you got?”

MMAWeekly scores the bout 10-9 for Banuelos.

R2- Osawa comes in this time with a low kick, and Banuelos resumes trying to counter as Osawa closes. Banuelos with a nice jab. Osawa again with that front kick. Banuelos with two big counter hooks. Osawa lands a hook as the two close, but catches one. Banuelos lands another combination—he is using footwork to work around Osawa’s advance and throw combinations. They trade jabs. Banuelos storms in with a punch flurry, no dice. Osawa lands a right hand and advances into one. Osawa throws a front kick and Banuelos shoots. It’s stuffed immediately and Osawa wheels around to Banuelo’s back before The Pit fighter scrambles up. Banuelos punches his way out of a brief clinch to end the round.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Banuelos.

R3- Osawa lands a couple of nice kicks, but Banuelos moves well laterally to minimize any momentum. Banuelos lands a couple of right hands following Osawa’s kicks. An Osawa punch has given Banuelos a bloody nose. Banuelos with a nice inside leg kick. Banuelos with an outside leg kick. Osawa now circling away from Banuelos and catches a left hand to the jaw. He’s undeterred and chases after Banuelos. Banuelos, however, will not budge—he’s still leaning past kicks and landing punches. They are consistently scoring, particularly his left hand. Another one-two lands for Banuelos, prompting Osawa to creep forward to try to put something together. No dice: Banuelos is now landing virtually at will. Osawa has his front kicks…but Banuelos just comes forward and unloads with right-left flurries until the final bell sounds. Osawa is smiling widely as he walks back to his corner.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Antonio Banuelos.

All three judges score the bout 29-28 for Banuelos.

Ricardo Lamas vs. James Krause

R1- Referee Kim Winslow calls the action. Krause paws in with a jab, and Lamas returns with a leg kick. Krause counters Lamas’ big right hand. Krause catches a punch off a leg kick and ends up on the mat. He scrambles up quickly and nearly misses getting punched as Lamas locks them up against the cage. Krause hops up in guard like he’s going for a flying triangle and Lamas postures up over him. Krause scrambles up after hinting at a kneebar and lands a nice knee-punch combo as the two fight against the cage. Lamas takes Krause down and mounts briefly before Krause scrambles from a choke position to his back. Lamas keeps the pressure on and takes Krause’s back briefly before standing overhead and throwing an axe kick as the bell sounds.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Lamas.

R2- Krause leads with two kicks and Lamas immediately locks the action up. He gets an elbow to the chin as Gomez holds position with double underhooks. Gomez breaks off and the two trade shots with Krause landing a nice right hand before another clinch battle ensues. Krause comes in with a front kick and catches one south of the border. Krause lands a nice leg kick but gets bowled to the canvas by Lamas. Krause bicycles his legs trying to catch Lamas, but Lamas presses around the shots and then backs off. He lands a punch from overhead and plunges into side guard before taking Krause’s back. Krause works hand control and scrambles back to his feet. Lamas wrestles Krause back to the mat and resumes headhunting from overhead. Krause goes end-over-end into the front headlock position, and Lamas fires off a straight right and a punch-kick flurry as Krause scrambles to his feet. The two collide in the center of the ring as the bell sounds.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Lamas.

R3- Lamas charges in with a punch/leg kick combination, but Krause scores in a return exchange with punches and kicks of his own. Lamas disengages, Krause lands a body shot, but Lamas returns with a counter right and left hook. Lamas goes headhunting with a kick and slips to the mat, but pops right up and the two are clinched against the cage. They disengage. Lamas lands a left hook. The two trade punches. Krause attempts a trip takedown but Lamas shrugs it off and ends up standing overhead. Lamas lands punches overhead as Krause attempts to cover up. Krause bicycles his legs again but gets nothing. Lamas wings hammerfists up top. Lamas walks to Krause’s head and lands a few more punches before action is stood up. The two trade hard straight crosses and punch out before locking up against the cage. Lamas flurries away and disengages before closing again and locking up against cage as the bout comes to an end.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 Lamas.

All three judges give Ricardo Lamas the nod with 30-27 scores.

-Frank Gomez vs. Seth Dikun

R1- Technical difficulties in first minute of round, our apologies. Gomez drives Dikun to the mat with a takedown, and Dikun immediately locks him up with a high guard. Gomez scoots them towards the cage and Dikun works rubber guard. Stalemate ensues. Referee Herb Dean Stands them up, and Dikun immediately shoots for a takedown after feinting with strikes. The two lock up against the cage, and Gomez shrugs off a trip takedown attempt. Dikun tries to stomp Gomez’s feet. The two tumble to the mat with Gomez on top and Dikun hinting at a kimura before the bell rings.

R2- Gomez leads with a nice leg kick. Dikun lands a right high kick after a one-two combination that rattles Gomez. He follows with more combinations but Gomez battles back with a leg kick to the body. Dikun catches Gomez with an overhand right off Gomez’s leg kick. The two trade leg and body kicks before Dikun lands another right hand. The two lock up and Gomez wrestles the action to the mat. Dikun’s nose is bleeding. Gomez works to pass guard as Dikun squeezes a headlock. Dikun gets to half guard and works for a kimura. Gomez elbows Dikun’s thigh and re-doubles his efforts on Dikun’s left arm. Gomez swings his leg over in a flash and mounts Dikun. Dikun locks them up for a minute, but the round ends with Gomez picking shots from the top.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Gomez.

R3- Dikun misses with a big right as Gomez jabs away. Dikun throws a cross and dives for a takedown, but Gomez uses a wizard to keep from ending up on bottom and rights himself against the cage. The two battle for position in the clinch and Gomez tosses Dikun to the mat. Dikun trapping Gomez’s arms from guard and trying to hike his legs up for a submission, but Gomez’s posture is solid. Gomez lands nice left elbow from the top. Dikun frantically trying to work for a triangle or armbar, and when that doesn’t work, he transitions to work for a leglock. Gomez scrambles into side guard and again isolates Dikun’s left arm. Again, Gomez softens Dikun up with elbows to the thigh, then returns to the armlock. Before he can do so, Dean stands them up. Dikun is throwing punches, but they have little steam on them. Gomez drives them to the cage and the fight ends with a lock-up in the clinch.

MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Gomez.

Two judges give Gomez the 30-27 nod, while one gives him the fight at 29-28.


Main Card (on Versus):

-Jose Aldo vs. Mike Brown by TKO (Strikes) at 1:20, R2
-Manny Gamburyan def. Leonard Garcia by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
-Karen Darabedyan def. Rob McCullough by Split Decision (30-27, 27-30, 29-28)
-Shane Roller def. Danny Castillo by Submission (Modified Rear Naked Choke) at 3:32, R3

Preliminary Card:

-Kamal Shalorus def. Will Kerr by TKO (Strikes) at 1:26, R1
-L.C. Davis def. Diego Nunes by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)
-Cub Swanson def. John Franchi by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 4:50, R3
-Antonio Banuelos def. Kenji Osawa by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
-Ricardo Lamas def. James Krause by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
-Frank Gomez def. Seth Dikun by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)