WEC 36 Spoiler: Fight of the Year? Maybe…

In what was easily the fight of the undercard at WEC 36 in Hollywood, Fla., Jamie Varner finally found out who he will likely be fighting at the end of January, possibly in San Diego.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and “Razor” Rob McCullough scored FOUR knockdowns between them – two apiece – in the opening round alone… and this fight went the distance!

Cowboy and Razor rocked each other throughout their three minute war, but it Cerrone’s reach and speed that put him ahead on more of the exchanges than not, leaving McCullough’s face a bloody mess at the end of three rounds.

Cowboy remained undefeated – going the distance for the first time in his MMA career – but it was hardly a boring affair. As he said afterwards, “Rob, thank you very much, that was fun… Whoo!”

Jamie Varner, the current WEC lightweight champ, had to be thinking that the fight was entertaining, but you have to question anyone’s sanity that could walk out of that cage thinking the fight was FUN!?

Hat’s off to the Cowboy and Razor Rob for one of the best fights of the year thus far!

QUICK NOTE: Reports from one WEC official are that Cerrone broke his hand on the first punch of the fight!

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