by Matt Wiggins – MMAWeekly.com

time, I started up my Christmas Wish-List
.  Here’s what else I’d like to see Santa bring me:


5 – Fewer Big
Words Used in the Fitness Industry


many times in the fitness industry, the "gurus" (self-proclaimed or
otherwise) like to use big words when they write or lecture.  Now, I’m all for using appropriate
terminology, but I sometimes think these guys have a cool belt like Batman, but
instead of cool things to take out evil villains like throwing stars and smoke
bombs, their belts have a thesaurus on one side and a dictionary on the
other.  It’s almost as if they use
this overly scientific terminology just to make themselves sound smart. 


problem with this is that as good of a message as these guys many times have,
it gets totally lost to those they are trying to teach (i.e. – who is reading
their articles) simply because they’re talking over their readers’ heads. 


a clue guys – most of your readers already respect your knowledge and what you
do.  You don’t need to convince
them how smart you are.  However,
you do need to talk and express yourself in a way that your message doesn’t get
completely lost. 


could have the best message in the world, but if you’re speaking in a foreign
language, nobody is gonna get anything out of it.  Same principle goes here.


6 – Every
MMAWeekly Reader to Buy My Stuff


want every single reader of MMAWeekly.com to go to my website and buy my
stuff.  Why?  Because I’m the freakin’ man.  That’s why.


– an over-the-top shameless plug never hurt anybody, right?  LOL)


7 – Fewer
Dirtbags in MMA


time, I spoke about how much MMA has grown in recent years.  And I think that’s awesome.  But unfortunately, one of the growing
pains of the sport has been that it’s come with a ton of dirtbags.  Whether it’s been scumbag promoters
that have screwed over fighters, or keyboard warriors that show up after
watching the last three episodes of this season of TUF and say Roy Nelson sucks
because he’s fat, there has seemed to be an overabundance of dirtbags
associated with the sport this year.


is glad as hell that the sport is growing – just be cool, huh?


8 – More in the
Trenches Trainers


are two types of trainers in the S&C world – those that seem to learn by
reading, and those that seem to learn by doing.


I’ve always been more of an anecdotal learner.  I’d much rather talk to a guy that can squat 600-plus pounds
to find out how he did it than read a textbook.  Sure, you can’t take one guy’s experiences or results as
gospel, but you talk to enough guys that squat 600-plus pounds, and I guarantee
that you’re gonna learn something you can put into practice.


of my knowledge and experience in the S&C world has been of the anecdotal
kind – shut up, do the work, and see what happens.  Make adjustments along the way.  In the end, you’re gonna have a training program that really


many trainers read a lot more than they train – either themselves or their clients.  Just my opinion, but I think most would
be better served to reverse that, and train more than they read.


best-case scenario would be for trainers to do both – be well-read AND spend
time "under the bar." 
That’s someone you can learn from!


9 – My Two Front


– just like the famous Christmas carol, I want my two front teeth.  Well, I don’t want *my* teeth – I’m
good there.  But c’mon Santa – help
out Dan Henderson, huh?  😉


10 – Most of
all, I wish for everybody here at MMAWeekly – it’s contributors, the folks that
run this bitchin’ site, and you good readers, to have a happy, safe, and
blessed Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.


Train Hard, Rest
Hard, Play Hard.


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