September 16, 2010

by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com Michelle Waterson got some very big news recently.

No, she didn’t get a new fight, and she didn’t sign with a new promotion. She got the news that she was going to be a mother. The “Karate Hottie” will soon be the “Karate Mommy”.

“I just recently got engaged, and deciding to start a family, and I’m having a baby,” Waterson told MMAWeekly on Thursday.

Waterson, who is 8-3 in her MMA career, has decided to take a temporary leave of action to concentrate on her new family, but that doesn’t mean she’s walking away from the sport all together.

“I kind of have to take a step back, and understand that I can’t do any sparring right now, and I’m going to be out of the scene for a good six months, or maybe a little longer, I’m three months along,” Waterson commented. “I just have to accept that, and also enjoy this new little creature that’s going to be coming into my life, and let that be my motivation for when I do get back in.”

Having a baby and starting a family are very important to Waterson, but she’s still got goals in the world of MMA as well, they are just going to be put on hold for the time being.

Training out of Greg Jackson’s gym in New Mexico, Waterson said she was happy to share the news with her coaches and teammates, and will continue to work out there to stay in shape during her pregnancy.

After having her baby, Waterson plans on getting back in the gym and training just as hard as ever to get back to the pinnacle of the sport, and the top of the women’s division.

“That’s always been my intention,” Waterson explained about coming back to MMA. “Fighting is a passion of mine, something that I plan on doing for years to come. If anything this is a personal choice I’ve made for myself, and nothing at all that’s going to stop me from pursuing my dreams. I just decided I wanted to start my family at this time in my life.”

Having faced tough competitors in the cage and ring, Waterson admits that parenthood is a little big scarier than taking on a fierce striker or a submission expert, but just like the mixed martial arts world, she looks forward to figuring it all out.

“I’m more nervous to be a mom than when I have to fight,” Waterson joked. “I’m really excited, and I know it’s going to bring new challenges to my life, and I’m very excited to see a little creature that has a little piece of me, and I’m excited to raise them with as much passion as I’ve put into fighting, I intend to put that much into my baby.”

Waterson also explained that much like when she’s getting ready for an opponent, she is going to avoid any big surprises with her baby and plans on finding out if she’s having a boy or a girl as soon as she can.

“I have to find out. I can’t do the whole surprise thing, I have to find out,” Waterson said. “I’ll find out in November if it’s a boy or a girl. Either way it’s going to be a fighter.”