September 12, 2009

MMAWeekly.com Staff

Watch Shark Fights tonight at 7:30 EST/4:30 PT headlined by UFC and Pride veteran Don “The Predator” Frye against former EliteXC fighter Dave “Pee Wee” Herman.

The nine bout fight card at the Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum in
Amarillo, Texa also features a middleweight title bout pitting Nissen Osterneck against Gerald Harris, and Pat Healy versus T.J. Waldburger for the welterweight championship.

Shark Fights 6 is available for viewing via Internet pay-per-view at SharkFights.com.

Shark Fights 6 – Stars & Stripes Fight Card:

-Don Frye (235.25 lbs) vs. Dave Herman (239.25 lbs)
-Nissen Osterneck (183.1 lbs) vs. Gerald Harris (184.75 lbs)
-Phil Cardella (156 lbs) vs. Ran Weathers (154.75 lbs)
-Marcus Sursa (204.25 lbs) vs. Isaac Villanueva (205.75 lbs)
-Pat Healy (168.25 lbs) vs. Anthony “T.J.” Waldburger (168.5 lbs)
-Brian Humes (263.75 lbs) vs. Lance Friedenstein (253.25 lbs)
-Lorenzo Borgomeo (169.75 lbs) vs. Anselmo Martinez (171.5 lbs)
-Karin Darabedyan (159 lbs) vs. Estevan Payan (160 lbs)
-Robert Clayton Hantz (168.25 lbs) vs. Tony Castillo (169.25 lbs)


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