Watch: Derrick Lewis Makes Pass at Ronda Rousey After Knocking Out Her Boyfriend

February 20, 2017


Derrick Lewis picked up a big win at UFC Halifax last night, finishing Travis Browne for his 18th win and 16th knockout. And while the KO might have been something memorable, Derrick’s post-fight interview may also go down in history.

EXTRA SAUCE: Twitter reacts to Derrick Lewis KO’ing Travis Browne

Speaking with Brian Stann, the UFC heavyweight reflected on his win by dismissing being by hurt kicks Browne landed on his gut. His explanation? Derrick had to go No. 2. 

But admitting you have to take a sh*t isn’t the biggest part of the interview. You see, after knocking Travis out, Derrick made a pass at his girl in epic fashion. After calling out Travis for his history with domestic violence, Derrick took his shot at swooping in on the fallen fighter’s famous main squeeze. 

“Where Ronda Rousey’s fine ass at?” he asked. Damn. 

Check out the video, brought to you by @LegKickTKO on Twitter. To the footage!

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