Watch Anderson Silva and Floyd Mayweather full fight videos

Former UFC champ Anderson Silva and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather had their canceled bouts put back on line at the last minute on Saturday. Their respective bouts were supposed to have taken place on a rooftop helipad in Dubai, but when that plan was nixed, Abu Dhabi stepped up at the 11th hour to save the day.

Both put on spectacular performances, but because of the last-minute scramble, many combat sports fans had any idea the boxing event was still taking place. We’ve got you covered. Thanks to YouTube, we’ve got both fights in their entirety here for you to watch.

Anderson Silva vs. Bruno Machado Full Fight Video

(Video courtesy of Boxing Today News)

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore Full Fight Video

(Video courtesy of Nguyễn Lừng Vlog .)