Was This the Most Gruesome Cut Ever in MMA History? (Video)

April 28, 2018

Hakon Foss not only scored the TKO stoppage at Cage Warriors 93 on Saturday in London, he punctuated his victory with a brutal series of knees that opened up one of the nastiest cuts that we’ve ever seen in mixed martial arts.

Jack Mason Cage Warriors 93 cutKeeping his sense of humor about him, Jack Mason later tweeted that he “needs to learn some knee defense,” but he was the recipient of the brutal series that opened his brow.

Mason’s friend, fellow fighter John Maguire tweeted a short video of Mason’s cut as the doctor was taking a closer look.

This definitely has to rank as one of the nastiest above-the-eye cuts ever in mixed martial arts, perhaps any combat sport.


Here’s the fight highlights, showing the knee that opened up that nasty gash over Mason’s eye.