Warning: Michael McDonald is Scared of Decisions

November 17, 2011

Michael McDonald is a UFC bantamweight prospect you need to keep your eyes on this Saturday night at UFC 139 when he meets Team Hurricane Awesome’s own Alex Soto.

At only 20-years of age, he has compiled knockout victories over fighters like Manny Tapia and Cole Escovedo ever before entering the Octagon.

Since his arrival, McDonald has not disappointed. He won a “Fight of the Night” performance over Edwin Figuerora in his UFC debut and an action packed split decision victory over Chris Cariaso.

The Oakdale MMA pupil believes that, while he has produced some incredible results, it’s okay to take the slow road and be patient.  McDonald also believes that in order to find success in MMA you have to be strongly confident in yourself, but pragmatic enough to where you don’t jump too far ahead and get left behind.

“I definitely do have an opinion on where I am now and where I could be,” McDonald told MMAWeekly.

“Being a fighter on this top level of competition in the world you have to have a certain level of confidence that is almost unrealistic because you have to be confident in yourself and you have to have the balls to get in there and do what you need to do and it’s a scary thing.

“You have to have a lot of confidence, but at the same time, if you’re over confident and you think you’re the best thing on the planet and you’re not, that’s when you get in trouble.  Plus, I like to think I have a healthy combination of knowing where I am right now, and also knowing what I can be.  Where I stand right now?  I can be the lowest guy on the totem pole or I could be the highest, but that’s for everyone else to find out in time.”

Despite having dominant performances in his first two UFC bouts, McDonald is chomping at the bit to finish the fight.  After seeing how in his last fight one judge scored the fight for his opponent, Chris Cariaso, when he believed he had clearly won the fight, McDonald fears going the distance. He wants to go back to finishing opponents like he had in 11 of his previous bouts.

“In my mind I’m tired of going to decisions.  I don’t like going to decisions, they are hard, they are long, and they are scary.  I do not like decisions and I really feel like I want to go back to my roots and my aggression and really start finishing some fights.  In my mind I want to be regarded as an exciting fight and if other people see it that way, that’s cool.”

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