Press Release courtesy of Wargods
Wargods promises to showcase the most exciting match up in the light heavyweight division outside of the UFC with Vernon “Tiger” White versus Lew Polley at the Viejas Casino in Alpine, Calif., May 30. However, do not underestimate the lightweight tournament line up. Steve Magdaleno, who trains out of Vladimir Matyushenko’s VMAT camp, steps up and steps in for sparing partner Andy Wang. Steve is hot off Pancrase Neo-Blood Tournament winning performance.

“He stepped up to face Kit (Cope) who has done nothing but work on his MMA Game including his Jiu-Jitsu with the Diaz brothers. Kit is a proven stand-up fighter and great wrestler. He took some losses early, but he was thrown in there against Kenny Florian and Rob McCullough. Kit is a super class athlete who is yet to peak in his MMA career. Steve Magdaleno will be a factor in the future of the lightweight division and with a win that can mean the future is now. A win for Kit means he is now ready to take on the top lightweights in the world,” states Wargods promoter Marcelo Rivas.

Joe Duarte hopes to catch some home cage advantage as the young 155 prospect meets a proven lightweight David Gardner. Gardner is coming off a few losses to once Wargod Brian Cobb and Shinya Aoki. Gardner’s loss to Japanese superstar Shinya Aoki was an embarrassing loss in which many thought he was doing incredibly well against one of the best ground fighters in the world. Gardner has much to prove and so does Guam born and now San Diego native Joe Duarte. Duarte’s stint in “The Ultimate Fighter” was shorter and less memorable that former teammate Andy Wang. However, Duarte has the natural talent that helps him keep up with training partner and close friend Diego Sanchez.

Because of a late commitment, highly rank lightweight Bryan Travers will face Tom Belt who already has a victory over Wargod Marcus Levesseur.

“Belt has to go in there to show that he belongs in this tough Wargod lightweight division,” states Wargods Promoter Jaime Iracheta. “Travers took a belt away from a solid welterweight champion, Jeremiah Metcalf, now in his new weight class he looks quicker.”

The rest of the card features Team Quest’s 4-0 Tarec Saffiedine meeting 4-0 Cesar Gracie student Lucas Gamaza. San Diego’s own Rick Slaton and Gary Padilla have also joined the card.

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Main Event:
-Vernon “Tiger” White vs. Lew Polley

Lightweight Tournament 1st Round:
-Kit Cope vs. Steve Magdaleno
-David Gardner vs. Joe Duarte

Lightweight Tournament Alternate Bout:
-Bryan Travers vs. Tom Belt

-Tarec Saffiedine vs. Lucas Gamaza
-Gary Padilla vs. Derek Thornton
-Salah Zabian vs. Rick Slaton
-Bailey Byne vs. Joey Gibran Alvarez