by Tom Call – MMAWeekly.com
Tyson Griffin the Gladiator Challenge 145lb Champion would like to “set the record straight” regarding an interview Uriah Faber did on MMAWEEKLY on December 15. Griffin first told me that he is going to adopt the nickname “No E” because a lot of the websites have his name spelled Griffen instead of Griffin. “I decided I should try the No E nickname when I could not find myself on Sherdog.

“Griffin asked if he could address a couple specific parts of the interview that he felt was not accurate. The claim that seems to most irritate Griffin is the claim that he does not want to fight Faber again. “I have told him numerous times to his face I would fight again at 155lb.” stated Griffin. “The only reason I fought Uriah at 145lbs is my camp and I felt he had some holes in his game that I could exploit…and I did.” says an animated Griffin.

Another issue that Griffin wanted to address is his weight. “I am a 155lb fighter.” Griffin claims making 145lbs was a very difficult cut but worth it in the end with his 3rd round KO over the previously unbeaten Faber. Griffin also says “Uriah tried to play a lot of games at the last weigh in. Griffin’s camp tried to compromise at 150lbs for the first fight. Uriah denied the compromise.

“He had made these demands about seeing me make weight for the fight…so we agreed on a time to meet for the weigh-ins…however Faber NEVER SHOWED. I ended up waiting for him at the scales for 2 hours before they weighed me in.” I then asked Griffin about the claim he was over weight for his last fight…”Originally I was suppose to fight another guy named Sean Bias. In that fight the weight limit was 155lbs.”

Griffin continues, “Bias was injured and unable to fight. So the same offer was given to my new opponent Jorge Evangelista….Jorge weighed in at 151lbs.” “I am a professional that will show up on time at the right weight ready to fight ALWAYS!” Krazy Horse told Griffin he was originally supposed to fight Faber at 155lbs but Faber threatened to pull the plug on the whole fight unless it was changed to 145. “Does that sound like a guy who wants to move up in weight and test himself?”

The last issue Griffin wanted to discuss was the cut in the first round of the fight. Griffin’s want to know if Uriah’s excuse is that he was cut or he had a concussion? “Whenever Uriah is asked about our fight he says I do not want to make excuses but I cut myself at the beginning of the fight.” Griffin continues, “The cut was not in a spot that affected Faber’s vision but was spilling a lot of blood.” Griffin believes “he panicked when he saw his own blood.” Griffin believes the only way that the cut would have affected the fight is if there was a concussion caused from the cut. “A concussion causes nausea and blurred vision….the ringside Doctor checked him out and said he was fine and aloud him to continue.”

Griffin’s wanted to address his last statement directly to Faber “If you truly stand by these words Urijah…”I don’t know how low he’ll go down in weight but I’ll go up in weight, I don’t care, I definitely want to fight him again.”….please, please get in contact with our team and we will make it happen soon at 155lbs.