Want to Meet Rich Franklin? Buy His UFC Hummer…

Former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin received a Hummer from UFC president Dana White for serving as a coach on season two of The Ultimate Fighter.

Problem is, the Hummer just isn’t Rich’s style, so he’s putting it up for sale. If you decide to buy Rich Franklin’s Hummer, you’ll likely get to meet him when you go to pick it up.

Here’s the message from Rich’s site, announcing the sale of his Hummer:

“Hey guys, it’s Rich. I’m putting my Hummer up for sale. I have had this thing since season 2 of The Ultimate Fighter when it was given to me as a gift by Dana White for coaching on the show. It is a cool car and fun to drive, but it draws too much attention my way – and that isn’t my style. Most of the 11,000 miles have been put on there by friends and family who have borrowed it. Basically, the car still looks brand new. If you happen to be the one to buy my car – I would love to meet you when you come my way to pick it up.”

For a detailed description of Rich Franklin’s Hummer, click here. To check out more photos of this tricked out monster, click here.

Rich will be back in action at UFC 93 on Jan. 17 in Dublin, Ireland. He will face Dan Henderson in a light heavyweight showdown in the main event.