Wanderlei Silva’s “Fighter Life” Reality Show: Episode 1 Video

Wanderlei Silva at UFC 102

Wanderlei Silva at UFC 102

When the UFC’s owners purchased the Pride Fighting Championships in 2007 then came to the realization that they would not be able to continue operation of the Japanese promotion, there was a major shift in the Pride talent pool over to the UFC.

Part of that mass movement was Wanderlei Silva. The “Axe Murderer” struck fear into the hearts of many of his rivals and magnetized fans with his intense staredowns.

If you’ve ever met Wanderlei Silva in person, however, he induces anything but trepidation. The Brazilian is a very open and welcoming person who almost instantly fosters the feeling that you have been lifelong friends.

Silva embraced the move from Pride to the UFC, following that move with the physical movement of his family from Brazil to America. They made a home in Las Vegas, where Wanderlei and his wife opened a gym and started the Wand Fight Team.

As much passion as Silva shows when he steps in the Octagon, the passion that he shows for taking new fighters under his wings in his gym can’t be overshadowed. Feeding on that passion, Silva started his own reality series, “Fighter Life,” in which several fighters gather in Las Vegas to try out for the Wand Fight Team and a chance to train under the famed fighter.

MMAWeekly.com features full episodes of the series as they are released. Below is the first episode…

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