Wanderlei Silva Reportedly Agrees to Fight if Chael Sonnen Accepts

Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen, each dealing with issues related to drug testing, recently retired from mixed martial arts competition.

If Silva is to be believed, however, there is the possibility that the two could in Brazil.

ChaelWanderleiSonnen retired after a random drug test came back positive. A second drug test, which was administered before he retired, also came back positive, leading to Sonnen having to give up his FOX broadcasting job, as well.

Silva was banned for life after he evaded a drug test in Nevada and failed to see the appeals process through before the Nevada Athletic Commission. He announced his retirement as the process was playing out, trashing the UFC along the way and saying he would never fight for another promotion ever again. He is apparently considering backtracking on the latter statement.

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Silva was a guest commentator at Saturday night’s XFC International 7 event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which aired on RedeTV. During an interview on the network, Silva was asked if he would returning to fight Sonnen.

“Are you ready to do this? Let’s do this,” XFC president Myron Molotky asked Silva after the XFCi 7 main event, according to a report by MMAFighting.com.

“If (Sonnen) accepts the fight, why not?” Silva responded. “I’d do it. Why not? I’m here. Come get it.”

The fight would have to take place outside the oversight of an official sanctioning body, as most athletic commissions normally honor the suspensions and bans issued by other commissions.

That could happen in Brazil, where a promotion is not necessarily required to fall under the guise of the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA). Silva is already under a lifetime ban, so going against the grain wouldn’t have little effect on his career prospects. Sonnen, however, could rekindle his career after fulfilling a two-year suspension. Going against his suspension could also further affect his career prospects in broadcasting and other career avenues.

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