Wanderlei Silva Calls for Nick Diaz’s Right to Work, Implores Fighters to Unionize

(Video courtesy of WandFightTeam)

Wanderlei Silva, who is currently fighting a lifetime ban in Nevada, has been a vocal opponent of both the Nevada Athletic Commission and the UFC with the way each organization treats fighters.

In his most recent video post to YouTube, Silva put the NAC on blast over it’s treatment of Nick Diaz, who recently received a five-year ban for his third failed drug test for marijuana, but also implored his fellow fighters to unite in an effort to change the direction that mixed martial arts is headed.

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“(The Nevada Commission) shouldn’t be allowed to punish someone just like that. Especially for such a long time. That practically ends a fighter’s career. It’s very cloudy and unclear. One guy gets one year, the other gets two years. I had to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Silva.

“This is part of all the oppression suffered by athletes. We are being crushed in so many ways that we’re realizing that if we don’t unite we will be finished.”

Watch the video above for more of Silva’s comments.

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