by Andrew Luria – KCOY TV
Andrew Luria of CBS KCOY-TV in Santa Maria, CA did a feature story on Jason Von Flue that aired on the 6pm news. Here is the full story.

SAN LUIS OBISPO – Chuck Liddell is arguably the biggest name in ultimate fighting.

Now the San Luis Obispo fighter has an up-and-coming protégé set to fight this weekend in Las Vegas.

His name is Jason Von Flue, and if it weren’t for a chance meeting in a San Luis Obispo bar, he likely wouldn’t be an ultimate fighter today.

“I didn’t know who Chuck was when I first came to town,” Von Flue said. “I started to get an idea of who he was, and I had only been dreaming of this stuff.”

Von Flue’s big break came when he made it to the semi-finals on Spike TV’s “ultimate Fighter 2” reality show; a long way from where he started.

“I started out kinda rough,” Von Flue said. “My whole upbringing was all around drugs.”

After a childhood surrounded by violence and drugs, the 30-year-old who now tends bar as his “second job” has some words of advice.

“If I can get to where I’m at, why can’t you? Don’t give up.”

Von Flue currently has a record of 13-5-1, and just started a nine-fight contract with the UFC.

He’ll face off against Luke Cummo next Thursday, at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas.