Vitor Belfort Rips on Chael Sonnen “the Clown”; Sonnen Fires Right Back! (Video)

Chael Sonnen at the UFC 148 press conferenceVitor Belfort, after knockout Michael Bisping out at UFC on FX 7 in Brazil on Saturday night, wasted no time moving on to his next target. Although his next target was of the verbal tongue lashing kind… Chael Sonnen.

“He’s a clown, get out, get out of the way,” declared Belfort. “You just got knocked out pretty badly by Anderson Silva, then you fight Jon Jones? You don’t deserve it.”

Sonnen was part of Fuel TV’s post-fight coverage team for UFC on FX 7, leaving him ample room to respond, so it’s not surprising that he did so with the verbal venom that he’s known for.

“I’m really confused as to what’s going on. I don’t know if he knows we’re not in the same weight class,” retorted Sonnen. “I don’t know if he knows that he’s not the champion. I keep hearing him say ‘champion vs. champion’; he keeps saying to move out of the way. I would never tell somebody to move out of the way, but I would damn sure knock them out of the way.”

Check out the video clips below to hear what Vitor Belfort had to say in his Fuel TV post-fight interview and what Chael Sonnen said in response…

Vitor Belfort:

Chael Sonnen: