Vitor Belfort Fully Intends to be on TRT When He Challenges Chris Weidman for UFC Championship

January 22, 2014

Vitor Belfort UFC 156

Much has been made about whether or not top middleweight challenger Vitor Belfort would be allowed to remain on his testosterone replacement therapy regimen for his upcoming fight with UFC champion Chris Weidman.

Belfort on Wednesday told UFC Tonight that he fully intends to be on TRT when he meets Weidman. In fact, he says it is medically necessary.

Part of the reason there is so much chatter about whether or not Belfort will be allowed to employ TRT for the fight is due to the UFC’s intent for the fight to occur in Las Vegas, a place where Belfort has been suspended for a performance-enhancing substance violation in the past.

Outgoing Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer at one point said he didn’t think it was likely that the commission would grant Belfort a therapeutic use exemption for TRT because of his past indiscretions.

Muddying the waters a bit was UFC Tonight reporter Ariel Helwani’s assertion that Belfort’s manager, Glenn Robinson, told him on The MMA Hour on Monday that Belfort wouldn’t be applying for a TUE.

Belfort, however, told UFC Tonight that was not accurate. He explained his use of TRT is a necessary medically prescribed treatment and that he fully intends to apply for a TUE when he fights Weidman, regardless of where it takes place.

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