Vince Cachero ready to stand and bang with Casey Kenney in LFA 62 title fight

March 21, 2019

Coming off an undefeated campaign in his first year as a pro in 2017, bantamweight Vince Cachero was looking to duplicate his success in 2018 and was able to do so in strong fashion.

In three bouts in 2018, Cachero was once again able to go undefeated, picking up victories against his most experienced competition to date.

“I’ve only been a pro for about two years now, and I’ve always been fighting the toughest of the tough,” Cachero told “I got three wins last year against quality opponents.

“My first one was against Nohelin Hernandez, and then a couple of tough guys (in Carlos Puente Jr. and Joe Murphy) as well. I’m just trying to keep the train rolling.”

For Cachero the key to sustaining his success has been the dedication he’s put into the sport. After initially not being sure if he could fully commit to fighting, Cachero has put all he can into MMA and so far it has been paying off.

“It’s been a world of difference, honestly, just being more dedicated to the craft,” said Cachero. “When I first started off, I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to take this thing, and then after y first few fights I knew I loved it.

“I committed myself fully 100% in on fighting, and since then I’ve grown and made changes to every previous fight. Every type of little hole, we find it and patch it up, and move on to the next one. Every fight, I’m growing and progressing after each one.”

Originally slated to face Miles Johns, Cachero (6-0) will have his first fight of 2019 against 125-pound champ Casey Kenney (10-1-1) in the interim 135-pound championship main event of LFA 62 in Dallas, Texas, on March 22.

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“The only adjustment we’ve really made is to (Kenney) being a southpaw, but other than that it’s going to be two aggressive guys going at it, and I’m really excited about that,” Cachero said.

“I know he likes to stand and bang. He fights very aggressive and likes to stand toe-to-toe. When it goes to the ground, he’s slick on the ground too. But I’m ready to match him anywhere, but I really want to see if he is going to stand and bang like he says he is.”

Having set a timeframe on where he wants to take his career over the coming years, Cachero is looking to make 2019 the year that he makes the move next level before setting his sights on his next milestone.

“I’ve had a timeframe on everything,” said Cachero. “I’ve said the UFC before 2020, so that means this year. I’ve said UFC champ by 2022, and I’m going to stick to that too. I have big goals for this year and big plans for the next couple years.”