Video: YouTube boxer Jake Paul training with Jorge Masvidal to knock out Ben Askren

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul is in for the biggest test of his athletic life on April 17 when he faces former ONE Championship and Bellator champion Ben Askren in a boxing match.

It should be a telling moment for Paul’s seriousness as a boxer. If he can’t defeat Askren, who is a phenomenal athlete and former champion that relied heavily on his ground skills, it doesn’t bode well for Paul’s claims of wanting to be a serious boxer and not just a pugilist of the celebrity ilk.

If Paul defeats Askren on April 17, it could prove that he actually has some boxing skill and could open the door for bigger, more lucrative bouts.

Thus far, Paul has fought twice, winning both bouts. His opponents haven’t been much of a test, however, as he defeated former NBA star Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. undercard and AnEsonGib, a fellow YouTube sensation. Neither Robinson nor AnEsonGib had boxed professionally prior to their losses to Paul.

In preparation for Askren, Paul has enlisted the services of UFC star Jorge Masvidal. Aside from being one of the top welterweights in the UFC and holding the one-off BMF title, Masvidal has the distinction of holding a record-setting 5-second knockout victory over Askren.

Whether or not training with Masvidal will help Paul’s chances of beating Askren remain to be seen. Paul, however, posted a video of him training with Masvidal, his goal being to better the UFC fighter’s 5-second time in knocking out Askren.

That most certainly would seem to a be a stretch too far when it comes to the reality of what Paul could ever hope to accomplish in the fight with Askren.

Interestingly, Paul not only said that his training with Masvidal would allow him to take out Askren in less than 4 seconds, he then took aim at Nate Diaz, who has been angling for a UFC return in 2021.

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