VIDEO: What Started as an MMA Fight Broke Out Into This Massive Brawl

March 16, 2017

Remember when Jake Shields beat Dan Henderson at “Strikeforce: Nashville” all those years ago? The aftermath of that fight stirred up more than your typical post-fight comments when Jason Miller confronted Jake in the cage and all of a sudden a huge fight broke out.

This moment gave birth to the words that in-cage interviewer Gus Johnson probably regrets today, seven years later:

“Sometimes these things happen in MMA. A lot of testosterone in the cage. Gentleman, we’re on national television!”

Gus got a ton of crap for saying that (on national television, LOL), mostly from MMA hardcores who were offended at the idea that MMA is about unprofessional brawls and chaos. How dare he say such a thing.

Well, guess what? He was kinda right all along because sometimes this kind of stuff does, in fact, happen.

In the latest version of post-fight brawls, a match in Dagestan between Vladimir Mineev and Aziz Dzhumaniyazov blew up into chaotic mess when a bunch of dudes rushed the ring after an ungentlemanly strike from one of the fighters. It’s like Nashville again. Strikeforce, never die. 

For what it’s worth, the president of the Dagestani regional MMA Union, Shamil Alibatyrov, told that the whole incident was exaggerated by the press (whatever, man).  

To the footage!

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