VIDEO: Watch This Dude Get Knocked Out With a Slap To the Face

February 10, 2015


For starters, let’s not think it’s fun to get into unorganized — or, for that matter, organized — slapping competitions. With the rate mixed martial artists get paid, me thinks the face-slapping circuit falls far behind the MMA pay scale.

But if you’re gonna do it and realize there’ll be people there with cameras, you pretty much set yourself up to get your face posted on the internet has hard as the slap that put it there.

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Take, for example, these two gents engaging in a one-on-one competition wherein we assume the only rule is make sure you slap the guy across the table. The results don’t end so well for the guy on the right. They probably would’ve been better off using the table for beer pong.

To the slaptastic footage!

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