VIDEO: Was Wanderlei Silva’s Court Victory Also a Win for a Fighter’s Right to Work?

(Video courtesy of wandfightteam)

“When you stand up in favor of a working class, all that you want is for the workers to be treated better,” said Wanderlei Silva in the above video, which he posted on Monday after a Nevada court overturned his lifetime ban in the state. “I hope this never happens to another athlete; to have to fight in court for their right to work.”

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Although the lifetime ban was lifted, Silva still has to go back before the Nevada Athletic Commission for a revised punishment for having evaded an out-of-competition drug test on May 24, 2014.

He did, however, secure a personal victory just by having the ban lifted. Was it also, as he says, a victory for the working class fighter and a fighter’s right to work in Nevada?

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