VIDEO: Shaquille O’Neal vs. Charles Barkley Wrestling Trilogy Ends with Hilarious Results

April 30, 2016

You see what Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 started? Let’s hope Scott Coker isn’t goofing on the Internet this weekend. God help us if he figures out a way to book this “fight.”

Shaquille O’Neal and Sir Charles Barkley played around for the TNT studio cameras during the NBA Playoffs. It looks like Shaq tried to pull Barkley through a door, then Barkley tried to take him down at the waist, then Shaq reversed it before they flipped over the couch, like your two fattest uncles got in a brawl at the family reunion.

Barkley ended up on top, both of them enjoying a good laugh. For some reason, these two just can’t keep their hands off one another. This feud has a history. It’s not the first time they have play-slapped like two members of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

UFC-caliber heavyweights, no doubt.

Shaq eventually took Barkley down, but Barkley stuffed the takedown a lot better than Daniel Cormier did against Jon Jones.

But this feud has some legitimate origins. Back in the NBA, when Barkley was the best forward in the game and O’Neal was the best center, these two got into it, and this was more UFC than WWE.

Once again, Shaq wins.

It’s all in good fun. No one is going to fail a drug test. Or experience kidney failure. And unlike Cormier, at least no one threw a shoe.

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