VIDEO: Random Bro Pretends to Be Conor McGregor, Does Fairly Decent Job

September 28, 2015


There is only one Conor McGregor. Everyone trying to be Conor McGregor simply pales in comparison. It’s science.

But then this dude came along and did a halfway decent job, I guess. The portrayal isn’t perfect, but figured his obnoxious shirt deserved a few minutes of your time as he pretends to be Conor for a faux audio interview as part of a hidden camera show named Fear TV. The shirt is almost as legendary as Conor’s tattoos.

To the horrible shirt footage!

Not bad, buddy. We applaud you.

But the biggest compliment had to have come from “The Notorious MMA” himself.

Congrats on your stardom, random bro-guy.

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