Video: Mirko Cro Cop Demonstrates How Really Cold Water is Really Cold

February 25, 2015


Preparing to watch Mirko Cro Cop return to the UFC is agonizing. We’d much rather see him to retire and enjoy piña coladas on some beach in Mexico than try and relive his run through Pride in a UFC heavyweight division that consists of guys who hit harder than everyone else on the planet. And the fact that we’re getting Cro Cop-Gonzaga 2 is even more upsetting because we can’t figure out why this fight was signed other than to keep Mirko from signing with Bellator. Argh.

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Speaking of struggling, let’s watch this video of Cro Cop getting in a tub of ice-cold water while his friends laugh at and record him. That pińa colada on a Mexican beach is sounding real good right about now, we bet.

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