VIDEO: Georges St-Pierre Talks ‘Kickboxer’ Reboot and Working on a Secret Project

February 2, 2015


Since Georges St-Pierre left the UFC in November 2013, most of what you see about him on MMA blogs has had something to do with the following headlines:

“Is Georges St-Pierre Coming Back to the UFC?”

“Training Partner Says GSP May Come Back”

“Dana White Confident St-Pierre Will Return”

Just stop it already.

We’ll just go on record right now and say we’re good with him not coming back. Obviously the guy had some personal issues that he had to work out, and he also has some concerns about longterm brain damage and preventing himself from becoming another statistic on the subject. So if he’s done, that’s cool. You did enough to cement a legacy, Georgie boy. Do your thing and enjoy not having to get punched in the head anymore.

And now that’s he’s done with the whole cage-fighting phase, GSP is working on a role in the reboot of “Kickboxer.” The original film from 1989 starred Jean Claude Van Damm, and the upcoming remake will see St-Pierre c0-starring with Gina Carano, Tryon Woodley and even Van Damm himself.

Watch the video below where the former UFC welterweight kingpin talks about the movie and, apparently, a “big” project he’s working on. Do tell.

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