Video emerges of Conor McGregor making death threats to Dustin Poirier after UFC 264

In the aftermath of UFC 264, Dustin Poirier alluded to comments made by Conor McGregor and said he hoped some of them which had not yet been made public would emerge.

Their trilogy bout main evented UFC 264. It ended in a TKO victory for Poirier by way of doctor’s stoppage after McGregor snapped his tibia in the waning moments of the first round.

After the fight, however, Poirier specifically mentioned McGregor making death threats and said he does not take those lightly.

Poirier also mentioned McGregor was making a gun sign with his hand and pointing it to his own head while he was making these threats.

On Sunday night, a video of what Poirier was referring to emerged.

In the video, Joe Rogan is beginning his post-fight interview with Poirier while McGregor’s leg is still being tended to in the cage. Rogan even stopped to look back at McGregor.

In the first video, McGregor can be heard repeating, “In your sleep you’re getting it.” McGregor is also making a gun sign to his head like Poirier was referring to in the second video.

At a point, the crowd noise and Rogan speaking into the microphone made what McGregor is saying inaudible. 

But in between Rogan speaking toward the end of the first video, McGregor can be heard again saying, “You’re getting it in your sleep, mate. It ain’t over. In your sleep, mate. You’ll see.”

While trilogies commonly provide closure to a rivalry in the sport of mixed martial arts, it appears UFC president Dana White, Poirier and McGregor all agree that this long, storied rivalry is not over yet.

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