Video: Did Johnson Rumble His Way to a Title Shot with a Headbutt?

January 26, 2015

Johnson vs Gustafsson Head or Fist 750

No one is doubting Anthony Johnson‘s power, it’s truly incredible the punch he packs in his fists. But there is video floating around the internet ether that makes it look like a Johnson headbutt may be what sent Alexander Gustafsson crashing to the canvas at UFC on FOX 14 on Saturday night in Sweden.

Check out the first video to see what we’re jabbering about.

Gus, however, said at the post fight press conference that he didn’t notice a headbutt.

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It also appears that angle is everything, because when you put your eyeballs on the official FOX Sports replay of the knockdown, it certainly looks much more like the thunder in Rumble’s fist is what shook Gus’s world, which was then followed by a grazing of Johnson’s noggin… see video #2.

What say ye? Was it the headbutt or the hammer?

Fan Video Showing Headbutt


FOX Video Showing the Hammer Drop

(Video courtesy of FOX Sports | May not be available in all locations)

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