VIDEO: Culinary Union Floods Commission Meeting to Support Nick Diaz

In a surprise move at the Oct. 29 Nevada Athletic Commission meeting, a throng of Culinary Union members flooded the hearing room to show support for UFC fighter Nick Diaz, who was suspended for five years after testing positive for marijuana.

Nick Diaz 091415 Hearing_4390The Culinary Union members spoke during the Public Comment portion of the meeting and then emptied the room before the commission moved on to other business.

It was an interesting maneuver by the Culinary Union, which has long been at odds with the UFC and its majority owners, the Fertitta brothers, over their non-union casino business.

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Diaz on Wednesday tweeted that his attorneys were in talks with the Nevada Commission to try and come to some sort of reduced arrangement in regard to his punishment. Commission chairman Francisco Aguilar, in a separate comment on Wednesday, confirmed that the commission was in talks with Diaz’s representatives. was in the room at the hearing to capture it all on video…

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