VIDEO: Bruce Buffer, Octagon Girls Knock Out the Mannequin Challenge

November 26, 2016

It’s the new craze that’s sweeping social media and clogging your timeline. It’s the mannequin challenge, UFC style. 

During UFC Sao Paulo last week, the Octagon Girls, Bruce Buffer and a number of UFC staffers did a great rendition of the challenge by getting it done cageside. 

Well done, UFC Brazil folks. 

While this might have been a good stab at the mannequin challenge, they’re not even the first UFC folks to do it. Just the week before, Arriany Celeste, Brittany Palmer and the other Octagon Girls did it at UFC 205.

Every wanted to be in the dressing room with them? Well, here you go…

Now we’re waiting on Dana White, Ari Emanuel and the rest of the new MMA overlords at WME/IMG to do one of these. 

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