by Steven Marrocco – MMAWeekly.com
Cain Velasquez vs. Cheik Kongo was a battle of deficiencies.

When the fight was on its feet, Velasquez was in imminent danger of getting knocked out. When on the ground, Kongo was completely overwhelmed.

In the end, Velasquez won the day, using his wrestling to control the huge Kongo at UFC 99 in Germany.

Velasquez was the first man forward, and did not hesitate to exchange. He quickly found out how powerful Kongo’s punches were, eating two right hands that caught him flush on the jaw. For a few brief seconds, he was out on his feet. But before he hit the canvas involuntarily, his hands wrapped themselves around Kongo’s torso.

The takedown was easy, as it would be for the rest of the fight. Unlike his fight with Carmelo Marrero at UFC 64, Kongo showed improvement in avoiding submissions and damage from the bottom.

Velasquez couldn’t choke him or knock him out. He could, however, pound away with punches – from Kongo’s back, from side mount, and from mount.

Kongo so outsized Velasquez that standing up was an option. But he wasn’t up for more than a few seconds before he ended up on his back again.

So went most of the fight. At the beginning of each round, Kongo had but one exchange to get off before being dumped. In the final exchange of the fight, Kongo had Velasquez on the run with a flurry of punches, but eventually planted too firmly and found himself taken down once again.

All judges saw the fight for Velasquez, who passed an important milestone in the heavyweight division and kept his undefeated record intact at 6-0.