Varner Responds To Cerrone, Picks Henderson

Donald Cerrone left little to the imagination regarding his feelings for lightweight champion Jamie Varner and the hand injury that’s keeping him from defending his title in September.

“Maybe Varner will come back in 2010 to unify the belt,” he said. “But they might have to break his arm off and get him a new one. Can I add that Jaime Varner is a (expletive)?”

Varner wasn’t too happy about that when contacted by MMAInsider.

“This (expletive) kicked his ass for five rounds with a broken hand and a broken foot,” snapped Varner. “So I’m glad we’re resorting to name-calling, you can tell he comes from an educated family. He definitely solidified himself as a true hillbilly. A classless hillbilly. And I look forward to stomping his face in again.”

Varner said he will release x-ray images of his damaged hand next week. At the moment, there is no concrete timetable for his return.

As for the match-up that would determine the next challenger to his belt, an likely interim title bout between Cerrone and Ben Henderson, Varner went with his Arizona brethren.

“I think it’s going to be a great fight, but I see Ben Henderson winning that one,” he said. “Cerrone is just too easy to take down, and Henderson’s a pretty decent wrestler. He’s still a good wrestler, very explosive. He’s also got great jiu-jitsu, trained with Alvin Robinson. He’s a southpaw, so the fact that Cowboy likes to use his left leg kicks a lot, really aren’t going to help him too much against that southpaw. I just see him getting taken down and ground out for a three-round decision.”