Last night in Idaho a fight between Jorge Olivera and Mike Van Arsdale took place at Pride and Fury 4. Olivera is a member of the Chute Boxe Team USA that has fought in WEC on a few occassions.

Evan Tanner cornered Olivera in the fight. Van Arsdale might have underestimated the Brazilian as Van Arsdale thought it would be a tune up for his main event fight next month against Matt Lindland in San Diego. It was anything but a tune up.

Olivera nailed Van Arsdale with a right hand which stunned the wrestler and Van Arsdale had to shoot in and grapple with Olivera. Van Arsdale, still stunned from the right hand then got caught in a omoplata that was tranistioned itto a triangle choke which put Van Arsdale to sleep.

Olivera takes out Van Arsdale in the first round. Olivera has now taken out Van Arsdale and Shonie Carter. Van Arsdale is still expected to main event against Matt Lindland in April in San Diego.