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Valor Fighting is primed and ready to thrill a live audience at Cache Creek Resort & Casino’s event center with an “Entertainment Overload ™” in the form of live Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighting action. The spectacle, “Showdown At Cache Creek,” taking place on February 3, will feature at least 8 big fights and some very special guest appearances. Before getting into the details of this historic night, here is some background on Valor Fighting.

Since its inception in 2004, Valor Fighting and Management (VFM) has made big waves in the fighting world, quickly establishing itself as “The Next Generation of Mixed Martial Arts.” Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an intense and constantly evolving combat sport in which competitors utilize interdisciplinary forms of fighting including Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and other styles to their strategic and tactical advantage. MMA bouts, truly the ultimate challenge in one-on-one competition, are now recognized and regulated by the world’s most prestigious sports regulatory bodies. Valor’s mission is to produce exciting, high quality, professional live events in North America while developing superstar talent with the skill and presence needed to compete on the world stage. With a North American-wide DVD distribution deal through Big Vision Entertainment, and a partnership with Japan’s K-1 (the largest fighting organization in the world), VFM is certainly off to a great start! In fact, VFM has sent over 20 of its most skilled warriors including Sylvester “Predator” Terkay, Tom Howard, former WWE pro wrestler Sean O’Haire, and Battle at The Bellagio III Champion Mighty Mou to compete on K-1 pay-per-views and live events held all over the globe. Valor was also well represented recently by fighting legends Kimo and Tank Abbott who each earned victories at The Rumble on The Rock 7 in Hawaii.

Valor did not just materialize out of thin air; VFM features strong ownership and depth of management. The principals, Rick Bassman and Eddy Millis combine their collective wealth of experience across a spectrum of live event sports, television production, and ancillary business development. Bassman is also the President of Ultimate Pro Wrestling, Inc. (UPW) which produces live events and content for release on DVD. He also owns and operates “Ultimate University” considered the best wrestling school in world, and develops talent for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Bassman was responsible for launching the careers of current WWE Standouts Heidenreich, Victoria, and current WWE Champion and multi-media superstar John Cena among others. Eddy Millis is the President of The Shark Tank, Inc. known as one of the top fighter training organizations in the world with four locations. As such, Millis has amassed a successful track record of producing and staging kickboxing events.

That being said, the founders of Valor are chomping at the bit to unleash and exhibit the skills of the company’s diverse group of modern day gladiators to fight fans everywhere through their own Valor Fighting live events. They will have a chance to do just that when “Showdown” takes place live at Cache Creek on Friday February 3.
Fighting Legend Kimo to appear at “Showdown At Cache Creek”!

The eyes of the MMA world will be on Brooks, California on February 3. Some big time heavy hitters (no pun intended) in the fighting business will be on hand to take part in the festivities. Among them will be fighting legend Kimo.

Kimo is a true Icon of MMA. He is one of the warriors who first put this intense form of competition on the map. The 235-pound warrior from Hawaii always stood out from the pack on account of his intense no nonsense fighting style and his signature tattoos.
Kimo, who was recently inducted into the MMA Hall Of Fame, has stepped into battle with the biggest names in the history of the sport including Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, Dan Severn, and Royce Gracie. At 41 years of age, the battle-tested veteran continues to fearlessly step into the octagon and ring as his legacy continues to grow. In addition to taking in all the action, Kimo will make a very special live appearance at “Showdown At Cache Creek,” and will be available to take pictures with and sign autographs for all of the great fans on hand on February 3. Bassman commented, “We are thrilled that Kimo will be in the house. His presence should really add to the “Big Fight” atmosphere and set the tone for all of the great action that will go down at Cache Creek.”
“Showdown At Cache Creek” is an aptly named event as the action and atmosphere will be wild and intense. Valor has hand picked a colorful and talented group of fighters, and is working hard to put together extremely compelling and well-matched fights. Millis remarked, “The area has never seen a fighting event of this magnitude with fighters of such a high caliber. I firmly believe that this show will blow the roof off the venue!” All of the warriors will personify bravery when they step into the confines of the ring. Speaking of which, some very tough and respected fighters have already been confirmed for battle on the big night. Those who will be in action on February 3 include:

Kengo Ura
If you take a look at the scowl that seems to be a permanent fixture of Kengo’s face, it is obvious that he is an extremely intense competitor. Originally from Ishikawa, Japan, Ura now represents Valor while fighting out of the R-1 Training Center in El Segundo, CA. With 3 years of professional experience, Kengo is out to make a name for himself in Valor. In a recent interview, he listed, “To be known and respected the world over” as his goal and inspiration. His specialty is Shooto in which he was crowned Amateur Champion. The “Japanese Assassin” has knock out power in his punches. If his opponent is not careful, he will find himself on his back, the recipient of a tan courtesy of the lights at Cache Creek’s event center!
Back in July, Kengo scored his biggest victory to date when he forced Universal Mixed Martial Arts Association Hall Of Fame inductee Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch to submit to a heel hook in the first round! Kengo will look to continue his winning ways on February 3rd.
Mavrick, complete with his tattooed eyebrows, is one of the most imposing and charismatic fighters in MMA today. Mavrick, also known as “The Soul Collector” prides himself on being a street fighter who will stop at nothing to defeat his opponent. The Southern California native has traveled the globe representing Valor while competing in K-1 live events in Japan and France. “The Soul Collector” has collected some championship gold during his career as well. In fact, he is the longest reigning Kage Kombat Light Heavyweight Champion in history. To date, he has had a firm grip on the belt and has bested all challengers for over five years! Mavrick has a unique bond with his loyal following of fans. As he puts it, every time he steps into battle, it is, “To the people, with the people, for the people.”


Tom Howard
“Green Beret” Tom Howard will also step into action on February 3. Howard, who has an extensive background in Sambo and amateur wrestling, first made a name for himself in the wild world of professional wrestling. He performed for top promotions all over the world including AAA in Mexico and Zero-One in Japan. He also signed with and performed for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) the worldwide leader in sports entertainment before deciding to test his skills in the MMA fighting world. Howard has fought on the grand stage including an appearance at K-1’s huge annual New Years Eve event, Dynamite. Despite showing great heart and fighting spirit, Tom has yet to earn a victory in MMA. This has become a personal vision quest for Howard who refuses to surrender.

Dennis Hallman is yet another big name fighter who will be in action on February 3. With over nine years of professional fighting under his belt, Hallman is most inspired by, “The thrill of competition.” Not just anybody can live up to the nickname “Superman”; Hallman fits the bill having built an excellent record of 33-11-2 in MMA competition. He holds the distinction of defeating current UFC Welterweight Champion on two occasions. Hallman’s first victory over Hughes took place at Extreme Challenge 17. “Superman” defeated Matt in just 17 seconds with a guillotine choke. The two would meet again at UFC 29 with similar results. Hallman took out Hughes quickly once again, this time in 20 seconds with an armbar. No, your math was correct, that is two victories over Matt Hughes in a combined time of 37 seconds!

Dennis is a self-proclaimed Master of “Cowboy Karate” (Black Belt. 10th Dan). When asked about his fighting style, Hallman remarked, “Cowboy Karate is a combination of upper body Karate and lower body Karate. I meditate, I bow…there are a lot of Black Belts that know what I’m talking about. My Karate is strong. Karate is the way!” This will be Hallman’s second battle as part of Valor Fighting. Back in July, “Superman” looked impressive in his Valor debut in Medford Oregon, defeating his opponent Nick Tyree by submission in the first round.

As mentioned before, Valor promises an all out “Entertainment Overload ™”. Bassman elaborated, “The pre-show will feature a promo put together by our fantastic production team which will introduce the audience to Valor and its fighters. All fighters will come to the ring with signature music and big screen entrance videos. As a result, the live audience will be immersed in a big broadcast environment within the intimate setting of Cache Creek’s event center.”

Make sure you are on hand live to witness this HUGE night of action and entertainment!

Who: Valor Fighting

What: “Showdown At Cache Creek”: At least 8 big fights featuring professional stars of MMA Including ” Green Beret” Tom Howard, “Japanese Assassin” Kengo Ura, Mavrick “The Soul Collector” and many more! Also featuring a very special appearance by legendary fighter, Kimo.

Where: Cache Creek event center. 14455 Highway 16 Brooks, CA 95606 Phone: (888) 77 Cache

When: February 3 @ 8pm

Tickets: Tickets are available at all Ticket Master locations or on Ticketmaster.com
and at the Cache Creek Box Office

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Fight Card for “Showdown At Cache Creek”

Dennis Hallman vs. Ray Perales

Kengo vs. Adam McRae

Mavrick vs. John Dale

Tom Howard vs. Jason Howadi

Taurus Cabbob vs. Sam Spangler

Ricky Bloom vs. Matt Lindiger

Philip Wyman vs. Wes Welch

Cameron Adams vs. Winno

Card subject to change