Urijah Faber Would Fight Scott Jorgensen For UFC Bantamweight Title

November 12, 2010

Urijah Faber WEC 38

Urijah Faber

Now that fight No. 1 is out of the way for Urijah Faber’s bantamweight career, he begins the hunt for a shot at the 135-pound title. The path for Faber to get there, however, may have to go through an old friend.

The last ever WEC show, on Dec. 16, will feature a bantamweight title fight between champion Dominick Cruz and challenger Scott Jorgensen. Over the years, Faber and Jorgensen have maintained a close friendship and have trained together quite a bit in the past.

As much as he would not want to fight a friend, Faber says that if the belt is around Jorgensen’s waist, he’s going to go for the title.

“He’s another guy I actually helped get into this sport a little bit,” Faber said about his past with Jorgensen. “Our relationship is different than Joseph (Benavidez) and Chad (Mendes) and I. Scotty and I were competitors on a different level in the Pac-10. He was at Boise (State), I was at UC-Davis. We’ve trained a bunch together. I know he’s tough, mentally tough, and I think I would rather fight Dominick (Cruz), but I’m rooting for Scott.”

Scott Jorgensen WEC 48

Scott Jorgensen

Faber has stated on multiple occasions that he would not fight teammates like Benavidez or Mendes, but while Jorgensen is a friend, he’s not in camp with Team Alpha Male for every fight.

As the WEC shifts over to the UFC in the next few months, Faber knows that fighting Jorgensen on the biggest stage in all of MMA would be an honor and something both of them would never forget.

“For him and I to be fighting in a UFC bout for a title, that would be amazing,” stated Faber. “We’d beat the crap out of each other undoubtedly, shake hands before and probably hang out after.”

The first order of business to sort itself out would be Jorgensen getting past Cruz in December at WEC 53, something that Faber is confident his friend can do.

“I think he’s got a good chance against Dom, so it’s something that will happen in the future probably,” Faber said about Jorgensen. “If we don’t cross paths, that would be even better for me.”

Jorgensen will take his shot at Cruz in December, and then the two friends might have to find out exactly how a fight between the two of them would go.