Urijah Faber Weighs In On Teammate vs. Teammate

September 30, 2010

Former WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber will soon make his debut at 135lbs against Takeya Mizugaki, and while he’s looking forward to the new challenge ahead, he’s standing firm on his ideology that fighting teammates is a bad idea.

With close friend and training partner Joseph Benavidez looming around the top of Faber’s new division, he says there are enough challenges out there without having to face someone he considers family.

“No, I don’t think so,” Faber answered when asked if he would fight a teammate. “It’s hard because this is a sport just like wrestling where you build a fraternity and a comradery with your opponents, and I’ve had a real safe haven being friends with all these 35lbers, so I’ve got a lot of really good friends down there. Guys that I respect, and guys that I’ve helped get into the sport, and helped out along the way.

“I just really have to pick and choose who I’m not going to fight, and I’ve got to just to air on the side of I can’t not fight everybody. I’m not going to fight my buddies or my teammates. I enjoy fighting a lot, and I don’t think it would be fun fighting a Joseph Benavidez or a Chad Mendes. Those guys are like my brothers.”

With potential fights down the road with fighters like Miguel Torres and WEC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, Faber may never have to face a potential match-up against a teammate, but with the growing roster at his Team Alpha Male, any scenario could happen in the future.