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Hardcore fans inside the mixed martial arts world know who Urijah Faber<br /> is

fans inside the mixed martial arts world know who Urijah Faber is. With a 19-1
record and World Extreme Cagefighting gold around his waist, he is known as one
of the top featherweight fighters in the world.


Saturday night
in Las Vegas, Nev., at WEC 28, Farber again showed the world why he is held in
such high regard by submitting Chance Farrar, the latest challenger to his
belt. The big difference this time was that his fight, along with three others,
was carried live on Versus as part of the WEC’s television deal with the
network. (Two prerecorded preliminary fights also made the 2-hour telecast.)


In similar
fashion to what The Ultimate Fighter did for the Ultimate Fighting Championship
and its fighters, Zuffa is surely hoping that Versus will focus a similar
spotlight on the WEC and its competitors. It won’t be to that extent, at least
initially, but with a charismatic fighter like Faber leading the charge it
shouldn’t take long for the WEC to increase their audience exponentially.


Along with all
that growth will be increased attention on the fighters. Faber already realized
much more attention for this fight than in the past and his status as the most
prominent fighter in the WEC will be intensified ten-fold as times passes. If
he continues winning, it is likely that he will be mentioned amongst the Randy
Coutures and Chuck Liddells of the fight world.


his fight on Saturday night, Faber met for an extended interview with the media
in attendance. MMAWeekly brings you this
extended video interview In The Cage with Urijah Faber as the champ talks not only about
his fight and the WEC’s deal with Versus, but Floyd Mayweather, boxing vs. MMA,
Kid Yamamoto, his own future, and much more.


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