Urijah Faber Warns Fighters to Watch Their Words to Dakota Cochrane

Urijah Faber
Throughout the history of The Ultimate Fighter, personality has gone a long way to defining the show in regards to many of the participants in and out of the cage.

From YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice being a part of the show to Chris Leben’s war with roommate Josh Koscheck to the wild and crazy antics of Junie Browning, all different types have entered the hallowed halls of The Ultimate Fighter house.

This season brings the potential of a whole new subject to the reality show as 10-2 fighter Dakota Cochrane looks to battle his way into The Ultimate Fighter house this weekend.

While the most impressive part of Cochrane’s fight record might be a dominant win over former WEC champion Jamier Varner, it’s what he did before fighting that has become the subject of much interest in the last several weeks.

During his time as a student in college, Cochrane starred in several gay pornography films, and while he has been up front and honest about his past every step of the way, he still has to face 31 other fighters starting on Friday.

Urijah Faber, who will potentially coach Cochrane should he make it on the show, says that it all comes down to his mental toughness because the subject of his past is bound to come up and then it’s all about how he deals with it.

“I’m interested to see where his head’s at with the whole thing. That will be a big deciding factor on how everyone else deals with it. It’s going to come up, there’s no doubt about that. It’s not a subject that just gets looked over,” Faber told MMAWeekly Radio.

“If these guys want to make fun of him or pick on him or whatever, they may be getting beat up by him, so I wouldn’t make him look too bad cause if you’re going to break a guy down and he beats you up then that kind of makes you look bad.”

As far as his role as coach, Faber has no problem working with Cochrane. Having been brought up as a coach for most of his life, Faber has seen all different types on the wrestling mat or in the cage, and he’s not one to judge anybody for the choices they’ve made.

“I don’t have a problem coaching the kid,” said Faber. “I would maybe talk him out of doing something so degrading to himself if it comes up again, but other than that just wish the best for him.”

Check out the full interview of Urijah Faber talking about Dakota Cochrane and his place on The Ultimate Fighter Live:

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