Urijah Faber, Cody Garbrandt Accuse T.J. Dillashaw of ‘Cheap Shotting’ Teammates in Practice

September 6, 2017

The feud between T.J. Dillashaw and his former teammates at Team Alpha Male in Sacramento isn’t going away any time soon it seems.

As current bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt prepares to meet his former teammate at UFC 217, he addressed his history with Dillashaw during an appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast on Tuesday.

Garbrandt was on the show alongside Team Alpha Male founder Urijah Faber, who accused Dillashaw of intentionally hurting his teammates during numerous practices throughout his time spent at the Sacramento based gym.

“T.J. was never the best teammate. He would try to hurt people,” Faber said. “He’s a very competitive guy and he has a temper. Cheap shotting. There’s no secret about T.J., we talked about it when he was still on the team also that he had to be reeled in a little bit. He’s just got a temper.”

According to his former teammates, Dillashaw was guilty of numerous shots after the bell or even throwing knees while in a boxing sparring session.

Garbrandt then went one step further and revealed that Dillashaw was responsible for the concussion that has effectively stopped Chris Holdsworth from competing since 2014. The former “Ultimate Fighter” winner was a highly touted prospect after leaving the reality show but issues with concussions put him on the sidelines where he’s now taking a more active role in coaching rather than fighting.

Garbrandt claims that the blame for that largely falls on Dillashaw’s shoulders.

“That’s why Chris [Holdsworth] is out,” Garbrandt said. “He kneed him in the back of the head, concussion.

“We’re talking about cheap shotting. Duane [Ludwig] used to came up to Chris like ‘hey grasshopper, T.J.’s fighting can you take it easy on him?’ and Chris is a killer, just f–king him up. Chris is an animal. I guess Chris choked him out and T.J. got up and f–king kneed him in the back of his head when he was down on the mat.”

Faber confirmed the story while sitting next to Garbrandt, but then shut down talking about the situation any further while stating that Holdsworth didn’t want the information made public.

Either way, Faber and Garbrandt both put Dillashaw on blast for his tactics, which they witnessed in training several times over the years.

“Cheap shots at the bell, in boxing he’d knee you,” Garbrandt stated about Dillashaw. “Dirty s–t. Just dumb s–t.”

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