Uriah Hall doesn’t feel like he won after Chris Weidman’s broken leg at UFC 261

Chris Weidman suffered a ghastly injury at UFC 261 on Saturday night that led to a victory for Uriah Hall. Only, Hall doesn’t feel like he won.

The fight lasted all of 17 seconds. It was over after Weidman launched a low kick that landed, but snapped his lower leg bones in half. Pulling his leg back, Weidman fell to the canvas in agony.

The fight was over. Hall had won.

It was the second time that Hall and Weidman had fought. Hall lost the first fight nearly 11 years ago when they fought under the Ring of Combat banner.

Hall, of course, wanted to avenge that loss, but didn’t really feel like he had after getting the W because of Weidman’s injury.

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Uriah Hall doesn’t feel like he won following Chris Weidman’s leg injury

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