September 29, 2005

by MMAWeekly.com Staff
MMAWeekly’s Damon Martin spoke to a representative at St. Mary’s hospital in West London today and the latest news is that Lee Murray’s condition has improved.

He is still in a critical status but he has been stableized.
No further news was available at the time, but Lee Murray is in a stable condition.

Murray was involved in an incident after a birthday party at a local London night club. MMAWeekly’s Jeff Cain talked with Alexis Demetriades, an instructor at the London Shootfighters Gym where Murray trains. Alexis gave this statement to MMAWeekly.

“I can confirm he was stabbed multiple times, and that he is currently fighting for his life in I.T.U. He got stabbed while he was fighting a group of guys. They are very bad wounds that punctured lungs, ribs, and put a hole in his heart. Please pray for him.”

Murray’s no stranger to street fights. When he last spoke with MMAWeekly Radio, Lee said, “I got two, three, four hundred street fights. I’ve been street fighting all my life.”