Undefeated welterweight Dante Schiro brimming with confidence heading into LFA 70

Just about a year since making his pro debut, and welterweight up-and-comer Dante Schiro is having about as good of a start to his career as one could want.

In four fights, Schiro has managed to go undefeated with finishes in all four of his bouts, having gone into the second round only once.

“I’ve just been kind of cranking them out,” Schiro told MMAWeekly.com. “I’ve been able to stay healthy, so I’ve been able to fight as much as possible. My pro debut kind of came out of nowhere on a somewhat short notice opportunity, and I ended up taking it and won, and we’ve just been going from there.

“I feel great about my performances. I’ve been able to finish every opponent that’s stepped in front of me so far. That’s something that I’m proud of. It really doesn’t get any better than that. If you get a finish every time you fight that’s how you move up in this sport.”

When it comes to his development, Schiro has largely maintained the same training, with slight alterations adding up to making advances in his game.

“There’s some differences here and there, but I’ve been training with pros since my amateur days, so the level of competition has always been there,” said Schiro.

“My game has constantly been evolving, but I’d say I’m improving every fight in every aspect of the sport. It shows in my training and shows in my fight. I continue to try to prove that.”

At LFA 70 on Friday in Madison, Wis., Schiro (4-0) will look to keep his record unblemished when he faces Rmandel Cameron (6-4) in a main card welterweight bout.

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“I know who my opponent is, and I’ve seen him fight a few times before and whatnot, but there’s not much to this one other than to just go out there and fight,” Schiro said of Cameron. “There’s not really a specific game plan.

“I’m focusing on what I want to do and not so much on what my opponent is going to bring to me. I plan on going in there, being aggressive, and getting the finish just like I have every other fight.”

For Schiro, using an example of one of his teammates is a good way to plot his way forward in his career.

“One of my teammates, Alex Gilpin, is right up there,” said Schiro. “He’s fighting in the PFL right now, and he’s kind of paving the way for myself and other fighters at the gym. A lot of the things he’s done or is doing, we’re seeing the same opportunities pop up for some of us who is coming up under him, so I’m really grateful for that.”