Undefeated Haris Talundzic wants to stay active in LFA and land in the Contender Series

Coming into his June 4 bout versus Gabriel Gideon at LFA 109, welterweight Haris Talundzic was on a two fight winning streak to start off his pro career and looking to continue his success, which he was able to accomplish.

Having previously won his first two pro bouts by unanimous decision, Talundzic was able to improve upon those performances and pick up his first finish by getting a submission victory just 65 seconds into his bout with Gideon.

“Overall I’m pretty satisfied with my performance,” Talundzic told MMAWeekly.com. “Obviously it was shorter than I was hoping for; I like to go out there and see where I’m at every fight and use it as a gauge as to what I need to work on and things like that.

“I wasn’t given a lot of time to assess where I’m at, but overall I can’t be disappointed with my performance; getting in and getting the finish and getting out is the best option we’ve got so we can keep fighting.”

Talundzic feels like he’s been able to have a good start off to his pro career in part due to the fact that he had an extensive amateur run, approaching those fights as if they were just as important as any he would have now.

“I had 10 fights as an amateur, and I treated every one of those fights as a professional fight as well,” said Talundzic. “I feel like each fight I’m getting better. It’s been exciting overall getting that pro record up and getting the fights rolling.”

Another big key for Talundzic’s strong start was his decision to start training with one of MMA’s premier fight teams.

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“It feels like I’ve made a 180-degree difference (in my game since I turned pro),” Talundzic said. “That goes for everything as far as my grappling, my striking, my footwork, and just overall blending of the game and my MMA IQ going through the roof.

“I credit that a lot to switching gyms to Factory X. it’s really allowed me to grow these last couple fights.”

Unlike some fighters who may just take things as they come, Talundzic has a clear-cut path he wants to take as he looks ahead to the remainder of his 2021.

“I’m a big goal setter,” said Talundzic. “I’m a firm believer in setting goals and not only achieving those goals but passing them.

“As far as 2021 goes and my goals for the rest of the year, I would like to pump out two or three more fights, and looking at hopefully a Contender Series shot by early 2022 or by the end of this year. I just want to keep it rolling – if I could fight every week I would.”