By Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
(Photo courtesy April Pishna)

Absolute professionalism – that is the way Shane “Monster” Carwin approaches everything he does.

Whether it is work, training or fighting, at all times Carwin gives every ounce of himself and expects the appropriate results to follow.

It’s that strict adherence to everything that has allowed him to work his way up the heavyweight ranks to a shot at MMA’s biggest stage, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where he’ll debut as part of May 24’s UFC 84 card at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

After spending much of his three-year career fighting non-stop (minus time off to heal from injury last year), Carwin is taking his big break seriously enough to request time off to amply prepare for it.

“I asked Joe (Silva, the UFC’s matchmaker) if I could have that much time off, so I could focus on training,” commented Carwin of the six-month gap since his last fight in December. “I’ve just worked on a lot of technique basically.

“Fight after fight after fight, you have to focus on your cardio to be in shape and ready for the fight, and not get in as much technique as you’d like. I’m glad I got a chance to do it. I’m definitely ready to fight.”

Finally getting a chance to fulfill a longtime goal, he intends to make the most of his UFC experience his way.

“I was excited; I had a big ole cheeseburger grin from ear to ear,” said Carwin with an enthusiastic chuckle when describing what it was like to finally get the call to step up.

“This is a dream come true. When I started this and worked myself up to it, this is where I want to be. Now that I’m here, I get a chance to prove myself, but nothing is going to change. I’m going to go out, have fun like I’ve done before, because I’ve done this sport because I love it, not because I have to.”

Opposing Carwin in his UFC debut will be Christian Wellisch, who is currently riding a two-fight winning streak in the promotion after losing his own debut in 2006.

“I think it’s going to be a well-rounded fight,” stated Carwin of the match-up. “I think there’s going to be action that takes place both on the feet and on the ground.

“It should be an exciting fight.”

Considering that he has not gone beyond the first round in any of his fights, it could not only be exciting, but also prove to be quick if he’s allowed to work his game.

“All I focus on is that I make sure I’m having fun at doing this, and when I fight, I bring 100 percent to the table,” stated Carwin. “I would never half-ass anything.

“I do those things; take care of my training and of myself, everything else will fall into line from there on.”

Should Carwin make an impression with his new promotion, he looks to stay busy and finish out this year with multiple fights under his currently undefeated belt, regardless of opposition.

“I’m just going to go in there and do my job,” he said. “All I can do is focus on the things I can control. I can’t control exactly who I’m fighting, the UFC decides that.

“I don’t like sitting around. I always have that craving to learn, and long as I’m still doing that and getting better, when those calls come, they come. I’ll be ready to fight.”

With an attitude that ensures he will do all he can for the promotion and skills that make him a force to be reckoned with inside the Octagon, this very well could be Shane Carwin’s year to shake up the heavyweight division of the UFC.

“I’d really like to thank Grudge Fight Wear,” concluded Carwin. “To all my fans and supporters from those little shows, I just want to say thanks for giving me a shot.

“I hope that now I’ve built a fan base at some of those smaller shows that they’ll continue to fallow and support me.”