Undefated Andrew Todhunter Will Call it a Career Following Legacy FC 54 Bout

April 22, 2016

Looking back on 2015, Oklahoma-based middleweight Andrew Todhunter isn’t shy about saying it was the lowest point of both his MMA career and life outside the cage.

The first problem Todhunter ran into was when he was offered a fight at UFC 188 in Mexico City at welterweight. Unfortunately, fighting at a weight class below what he is used to and being in unfamiliar surroundings made for disastrous results.

“I couldn’t eat any of the stuff like I usually do or couldn’t drink the water, it was just way different, and I was at elevation, and I went into a coma,” Todhunter told MMAWeekly.com. “My body just shut down. I woke up and the fight was off, six or eight hours later.”

Seemingly recovered from his problems in Mexico City, Todhunter was then scheduled to fight three months later in Legacy FC, when a complication of the his weight cut caused an injury, forcing him out of the bout.

“I was in my last round of sparring and I tore my PCL in my knee,” Todhunter said. “I felt it pop three times, and it felt weird, but I finished my round and sat down and it blew up like a softball. I had three cortisone shots in a week, but it wasn’t working, so the doctor medically suspended me.”

After missing out on two straight fights, Todhunter sunk to his lowest point when his personal life took some hits. But not wanting to go out on a low note, he was able to get things back together to return to fighting for possibly the last time.

“I got depressed and hit rock bottom” said Todhunter. “Everything that could go bad went bad, all at the same time. It took me a few months to pull my head out of my ass and get back into it.

“I want to prove to myself that I can do it, get back up, get back in shape and make weight. My whole career got tarnished off that one instance (in the UFC) and nobody really knows what happened. I’m excited about closing this chapter and starting a new one.”

On Friday in Catoosa, Okla., Todhunter (7-0) will look to close out his career with a win as he takes on Evan Thompson (5-2) in the 185-pound co-main event of Legacy FC 54.

“He’s a good guy,” said Todhunter of Thompson. “I’ve fought one other good guy my whole career. When I’m fighting a person like that, it excited me because I feel we both deserve to be there and be where we’re at.

“I think stylistically it’s an awesome match-up for both of us. I think this one is going to be too close to call and is going to be one of those unpredictable fights.”

Unless a major offer comes through, Todhunter is happy with his decision to step away and focus on a career outside of MMA, knowing he did just about everything he could have in fighting.

“I have nothing to prove because I’ve had a great career, and I have a good life now,” Todhunter said. “I’ve kept my promises, I’ve proven to myself I can get back up, and I feel that time has come for me (to step away from MMA).”

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