Ultimate Fighters Plot To Send Junie Home!

Junie Browning has become the focus of The Ultimate Fighter 8 and has turned the Spike TV reality show house upside down with his antics, drinking and aggressiveness toward his housemates. Light heavyweights Ryan Bader and Eliot Marshall confirmed on MMAWeekly Radio Thursday night that a plan was launched to rid The Ultimate Fighter house of Junie Browning.

“Krzysztof was like, ‘You know what? We’re going to make him go home for sure. I’m going to get him to swing on me and just try to rile him up a little bit,'” Bader told MMAWeekly Radio. “Junie thought he was out. You throw a glass at somebody and break it on somebody, you think you’re out. He was trying to go out and bring people down with him.”

“Kristof said he would take a punch just to get Junie out of the house so we didn’t have to put up with him anymore,” added Bader.

Fellow house guest and Junie Browning teammate Eliot Marshall confirmed Bader’s statements. “That was our plan. We kind of had all set that up. After Junie threw the glass at Kyle and was walking around with a bottle, we were all like, he needs to go. Lets get him to punch us in the face. We were all kind of egging him on that way to try to get him to go home.

“Our plan was to get Junie to fight, fight somebody, punch somebody. That way he would get kicked off. That was the plan,” added the Colorado fighter.

Efrain Escudero also confirmed the plog against Junie Browning.