You’ve known about 13 of these 16 names for well over a month if you’ve been checking MMAWeekly’s Rumors section, but all 16 of the contestants on “The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback” have now been officially confirmed.

The middleweight winner of TUF 4 will get a shot at the UFC Middleweight Title in the first half of 2007, and the welterweight winner of TUF 4 will get a shot at the UFC Welterweight Title in the first half of 2007.

Here is the official list of TUF 4 contestants, along with their records in UFC fights.

Confirmed Fighters at Middleweight (185 pounds):
-Patrick Cote (0-3 in UFC)
-Edwin Dewees (0-2 in UFC)
-Charles McCarthy (0-1 in UFC)
-Travis Lutter (1-2 in UFC)
-Gideon Ray (0-2 in UFC)
-Jorge Rivera (2-3 in UFC)
-Pete Sell (1-1 in UFC)
-Scott Smith (0-1 in UFC)

Confirmed Fighters at Welterweight (170 pounds):
-Mikey Burnett (2-1 in UFC)
-Shonie Carter (3-2 in UFC)
-Matt Serra (4-4 in UFC)
-Rich Clementi (0-1 in UFC)
-Pete Spratt (2-2 in UFC)
-Chris Lytle (2-4 in UFC)
-Din Thomas (2-2 in UFC)
-Jeremy Jackson (0-1 in UFC)

The season premiere of TUF 4 will air at 10:00 PM on Thursday, August 17th.

Though not officially confirmed by Zuffa, the season premiere will air immediately following a two-hour Ultimate Fight Night live special that will have a main event of Karo Parisyan vs. Diego Sanchez.